The foundation of Indian mythology that once existed in ancient India are still deeply rooted in the advance scientific culture, where everything ancient seems to be fading, which certainly result in ambiguity, women most awaited festival “karva chauth”, reflects, richest scientific understanding of ancient Indians with immense belief which let women fast all day long for the logativety of their life partners on the fourth day after a full moon (purnima) in the month of kartika.

Moon & Karva Chauth:

Human knowledge and mythology throughout time have spoken of the moon's effect on the earth and the human body.


In vedic astrology moon has been considered as having the power of ascendant & extraordinary importance, capable of giving great mental power & prosperity due to its water element.


The auspicious power of moon in hindu mythology can be understood as the phase of the moon anticipate the arrival of most auspicious festival of the year KARVA CHAUTH.


Science believe that the moon is closest to the earth, therefore have an enormous effect on the human beings especially women. 


The virtuous person in history have compared beauty of moon with the beauty of women this is the reason, karva chauth is a day when women showcase best of their attire for her beloved husbands.

The scientific arrival:

According to ayurveda calendar Karva Chauth, arrives on an annual basis in southern solstice also known as Dakshinayaan or Visarga Kaal. Visarga in the traditional science means “giving strength”. It is believed, that during these months, the moon is more powerful and emits good digestive power due to which even the shortest meals taken during the day become more nourishing & strengthening.

Why karva chauth occurs on the fourth day after full moon:

  • The loading day- It begin during two days immediately prior to the full moon, when food cravings are at its height.
  • Full moon day- the best time to start the extended diet.
  • The first day after full moon- the low-calorie phase would begin.
  • The waning moon- craving begin to decrease & the body enjoy a natural detoxifying stage followed by karwa chauth

Fasting and Science:

On the day of Karva chauth married women wake up early in the morning to eat and drink just before sunrise. Mainly celebrants eat soot feni with milk in sugar either on the eve of the festival or as pre-dawn meal in the early morning commonly known as sargi. It is said that this helps them go without water the entire day. Also fasting neutralizes toxins through body organs & lead to detoxification.

Although in ayurveda fasting is one of the purest regimen to balance doshas & eliminate toxins naturally from the body but it is clearly contraindicated for weak, pregnant, disease acquired women especially who suffer from nutritional or iron deficiency anemia, find it difficult to fast all day long. Also fasting without water may lead to tiredness, fatigue, vertigo and dizziness.

But no wonder the spiritual belief & their beloved admiration is definitely more powerful in front of these threatened situation & therefore to combat that lethargies & fatigue, precautions throughout the month are always recommended.

  • A healthy diet filled full of protein.
  • Stay hydrated with coconut water & other beverages.
  • Include lots of fruits like banana, papaya, pomegranate & apple.
  • Avoid oily and fried foods in the morning as these are heavy and may make you dizzy.
  • Avoid tea or coffee as both of them tend to dehydration later.
  • Munch on a few nuts like walnuts, almonds & pistachios.

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