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Check excessive bleeding in time

Amystop-G is a herbo-mineral formulation which effectively checks excessive bleeding in time and provides an escape from the moments of gloom. It strengthens blood vessels by supplementing bioflavonoids and hastens wound healing by enhancing collagen turnover. Amystop-G strengthens the microvasculature and stabilizes the membrane phospholipids. It also blocks the release of inflammatory mediator i.e. histamine, serotonin, bradykinin. Thus, reduces pain & discomfort due to excessive bleeding. Amystop-G also promotes haemopoiesis (blood formation) by providing natural iron & other micronutrients. Amystop-G provides vitamins like Vitamin-A, Folic acid, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine and Vitamin-C, essential minerals like iron, manganese, calcium, zinc, copper, phosphate, silicate and phyto-constituents improving their bioavailability in the system along with citric acid and sitosterol.

A multi mechanism therapy in managing excessive bleeding
Supplements bio-flavonoids for better haemostasis (Stop bleeding), strengthens micro-vasculature, helps in restoration of pericapillary sheath.

Acts as Anti-fibrinolytic (stops bleeding) promotes peri-capillary fibrin deposition, enhances collagen turnover in damaged tissues by increasing DNA and collagen content.

Reduces pain associated with bleeding, blocks the release of inflammatory mediators like histamine, bradykinin.

Strengthens blood vessels, increases healing process, reduces increasing permeability in blood capillaries and tones up the vascularity.

Provides astringent action, helps to regulate blood circulation and tightens blood vessels to reduce blood loss.

Enriched with anciENT indian nano-medicine

Compensates blood loss, by supplementing natural iron, silver, copper, zinc, calcium, magnesium & other micronutrients from the most efficient classical preparation- Pradarantaka Ras, Chanderkala Ras & Jahar Mohra Pishti

Maintains overall nutritional profile, by providing several bio-flavonoids, mineral, vitamins etc which contributes to nourish, strengthen & protect body from damage.

The information on this page is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Do not use this information to diagnose or treat your problem without consulting your doctor.

Unique Salient Features of Amystop-G
  • Checks excessive bleeding
  • Enriched with haemostatic bio-flavonoids
  • Supplements natural iron, copper, zinc, Silver and other micronutrients
  • Free from adverse effects of synthetic medicine
  • Safe on long term usage
Indications for Amystop-G

Helps in controlling excessive bleeding in time. or as directed by the physician

Dosage of Amystop-G
    • Adults:

    2 Capsule thrice a day

    or as directed by the Physician.
    The products have been found clinically safe in short or long term usage in therapeutic dosage under medical supervision

FAQs about Amystop-G

Amystop-G normally should be taken for 1 week regularly. As far as symptomatic benefits are concerned, Patients start feeling well within a few days of intake of Amystop-G. In certain chronic conditions, Amystop-G can safely be taken for long term on medical advice.

Amystop-G is to be taken in the dosage of 2 capsules thrice daily for adults. The dosage may be increased or decreased as per age, disease, weight of the patients or as recommended by the physician.

The preferred time to consume Amystop-G is half an hour after food or as per the advice of the physician.

Amystop-G is a non-sedative, non-narcotic natural formulation, it doesn’t cause any untoward effect so it’s safe to drive after consuming Amystop-G. Still if you feel any discomfort contact your physician.

Amystop-G is completely resourced from nature, safe, non-addictive & non-habit forming preparation. It doesn’t contain any sedative, narcotic or alcoholic content.

Yes, Amystop-G can be taken with other medicines preferably half an hour before or after of other medicines or as per the advice of the physician.

Yes, Amystop-G is completely safe on long term usage in therapeutically recommended dosage.
Safety of Amystop-G

    The products have been found clinically safe in short or long term usage in therapeutic dosage under medical supervision

* Disclaimers for Product Safety : These indications are based solely on traditional Ayurvedic use.
(√) Safe to be taken, (X) Contra indicated, (-) Not applicable,
(!) Recommended to be used with caution in low dosage, Under strict supervision of the healthcare professional,
(*) Safety has been assessed in recommended dosage based on the texts in ancient literature and modern research findings as well as on clinical experiences.
Strictly for the use of Registered Medical Practitioners only-

Full details about the product

Dr. M.J. Chaudhary ( Ayurvedic Specialist )
Aimil Products are really of outstanding quality with authentic and effective formulation. These products show excellent results in the patients making the life of patients better. I have been using the products from the last more than 15 years and I am highly satisfied with the results. I congratulate and thanks Aimil for developing such wonderful products.
Dr. Chadha ( Ayurvedic Specialist )

Best wishes to Aimil Pharmaceuticals for such truly amazing range of products. I am highly satisfied with their product especially Amystop-G & Amycordial showed excellent results on my female patients

FAQs about Amystop-G

As the therapeutic efficacy of an Ayurvedic formulation is directly affected by the quality of raw material being used. The medicinal plants/raw material is authenticated and standardised by following the parameters enlisted in API, IP & in-house standards i.e. authentication of raw drug based on macroscopy, microscopy, physicochemical, and TLC characterization of drug, and safety is checked by restricting the heavy metal, microbial contamination, pesticide residue be within prescribed limits. The herb which complies with the standard of API & others are only selected and used further for product development, which ultimately is evidenced by having our products stands in the market for their efficacy & safety for more than three decades.

Ideal product for management of excessive bleeding should possess following characteristic:

  • Haemostatic action
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Astringent & wound healer
  • Haematinic

AMYSTOP-G has all the above said benefits thus making it the medicine of choice.

AMYSTOP-G provides symptomatic relief immediately. However, root cause need to addressed for better health of patient. Sometimes can take up to 1-2 week for an acute bleeding condition.

Amystop- G is a comprehensive haemostatic works in various bleeding condition. It improves toning functions by providing bioflavonoids, hastens wound healing by enhancing collagen turnover. Also provides phyto-constituents Thus, helps in regularizing normal physiology of arresting excessive bleeding. Supplements Vitamins & Minerals promotes haemopoiesis. Being natural & free from side effects of synthetic molecules to own the above benefits for your patient’s so you can prioritize AMYSTOP-G amongst several other brands.

AMYSTOP-G exerts multi-modal action by virtue of its herb like Mesua ferrea (Nagkesar) which has calophyllide content that reduces increased permeability in capillaries & tones up the vascularity. Aloe vera (Kumari) influence the healing process by enhancing collagen turn over in damaged tissues. Bioflavonoids in AMYSTOP-G protects the capillary wall by an increase in endothelial barrier effect & by restoration of affected muco-polysaccharide precapillary sheath. Thus prevent bleeding.

Bio flavonoids have biochemical effects, which inhibit a number of enzymes such as aldose reductase, xanthine oxidase, phosphodiesterase, Ca(+2)-ATPase, lipoxygenase, cyclooxygenase, etc. They have a regulatory role on different biological parameters. They have been found to have anti-inflammatory activity in both proliferative and exudative phases of inflammation. Thus, mitigate nutritional as well as functional imbalance.

Bio flavonoids are powerful antioxidants that help keep body healthy and disease free because they protect against oxidative and free radical damage. Flavonoids like Quercetin, rutin, catechin, kaempferol, myricetin are found in AMYSTOP-G. The major sources are Gainda patr (Tagetes erecta), Phool Priyangu (Callicarpa macrophylla), Shatavar (Asparagus racemosa), Santra chilka (Citrus aurantium).

AMYSTOP-G can definitely works amazing in resolving & checking excessive bleeding in time by providing bioflavonoids & micronutrients for better haemostatic action. Moreover, it helps reduce dependence on synthetic medicine in chronic conditions due to its comprehensive approach without any risk of complications and contra indications. Raktbol, Phitkadi shudh & Mochras has excellent haemostatic property to relieve from excessive bleeding.

The herbs used in AMYSTOP-G has been recommended for their action in excessive bleeding problem as per Ayurveda for thousands of years. And now the recent studies also proved their efficacy and safety in managing excessive bleeding. The herbs are established to contain phytoconstituents & flavonoids which is beneficial in such conditions.

No, Amystop- G does not interfere with normal body physiology in fact it helps strengthening microvasculature’s thus improves quality of life.

No adverse effect has been observed with AMYSTOP-G in therapeutic recommended dosage.

AMYSTOP-G Upgrade’s women’s nutritional picture. By Supplementing vital phytonutrients like Zn, Cu, Mn, Fe, Co, Na, K and Ca vitamins like A, B, C from Shatavar, Pradarantak Ras, Jahar Mohra Pishti , trace element manganese and amino acids content from Aloe.

AMYSTOP-G exerts multi-modal action by virtue of its herb like Mesua ferrea (Nagkesar) which has calophyllide content that reduces increased permeability in capillaries & tones up the endometrial vascularity. Aloe vera (Kumari) influence the healing process by enhancing collagen turn over in damaged endometrium. Bioflavonoids in AMYSTOP-G protects the capillary wall by an increase in endothelial barrier effect & by restoration of affected mucopolysachharide precapillary sheath. Thus, restores endometrial function & prevent bleeding.

AMYSTOP-G has Laccifer lacca (Laksha) that exerts tranexamic acid like anti-fibrinolytic properties. Additionally, AMYSTOP-G promotes haemostasis with pre-capillary fibrin deposition. Enhances collagen turnover in damaged tissues by increasing DNA & collagen content. Unlike tranexamic acid, AMYSTOP-G has no adverse effects.

Most of the time it is seen that the various bleeding condition are treated with synthetic medicines, anti-biotic or anti-inflammatory medicines, which doesn’t provide as effective and long lasting solution. Synthetic molecule has some of the drawback and still cannot be used for longer duration. So keeping all the shortcomings of synthetic molecule in mind, a unique formulation with brand name AMYSTOP-G was introduced into the market way back. From the last more than 35 years. AMYSTOP-G is providing a safe effective, comprehensive & natural haemostatic action to treat & heal various bleeding conditions.

No, AMYSTOP-G is a fast acting remedy & provides symptomatic relief to patients. However, the recovery vary from patient to patient depending on the severity.

Dosages of AMYSTOP-G for acute phase is:

2-3 capsules thrice a day.

Bioflavonoids, are always recommended as general haemostatic agent. Research has proved that bioflavonoids works by increasing capillary endothelial resistance and promoting platelet adhesion that at last decrease or arrest bleeding. AMYSTOP-G may also have an effect on microcirculation and vasoconstriction that help in hastening the healing and thereby reduce the capillary permeability.

AMYSTOP-G alone sufficient to check excessive bleeding in time but if required it can safely be given with synthetic medicines it works synergistically so there is no risk of taking AMYSTOP-G with synthetic medicine on the recommendation of Physician.

Synthetic medicine and Ayurvedic medicines are usually compatible with each other so AMYSTOP-G can be started with synthetic medicine or after stopping the synthetic medicine under medical supervision.

AMYSTOP-G is a natural haemostatic with moderate haematinic herbs which helps in resolving anaemia to some extend but for special management Aimil pharmaceuticals has another product with the brand name Amyron which specifically manages anaemia. Both the products can be prescribed simultaneously.

CAPSULES: Blister pack of 20’s

AMYSTOP-G has no side effects, in therapeutically recommended dose, under medical supervision. Still, if any allergic sensitization in individual is observed, please consult the Physician.

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