Aimil India Research Foundation
AIMIL INDIA RESEARCH FOUNDATION (AIRF) have been conceptualized with the mission of discovering, studying and executing the ancient hidden facts from the literature of Ayurveda through scientific backup from the streams of Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences (Biology), Pharmacy – Pharmacology and Medicines with the objectives to develop the innovative products with exclusive benefits in focused disease or disorder. All these missions of AIRF are achieved through state of the art infrastructure, equipped with precious instruments and all provisions of conducting experimentations, standardizations, Pharmaco- vigilance, Pre- clinical studies and clinical studies under the expertized supervision of competent professionals.
AIRF is dedicated to promoting health endeavours in the country by encouraging and rewarding excellence in the medical and pharmaceutical sciences and channelling national and international knowledge and expertise in all related links with the treatment of diseases afflicting humanity.
Vision To become the leading health care organization at global level by virtue of Customer Satisfaction, contributing exclusive quality of ancient health sciences – Ayurveda Mission • With the mission of giving a stimulus to research and development in the field of Health through Nature (Ayurveda), AIMIL incepted the research foundation fully equipped with precious instrumental facilities and experienced professionals. • To address our social & professional responsibility by developing newer innovative Ayurveda based formulations in a wide range of therapeutic areas though intellect & experience of our professional team. • To bring India advantage of its indigenous concept in health sciences, resources and economy while extends our services with global standards internationally. • To extend and expand our quality services in health sciences throughout globe by means of innovative solutions, acquisitions & collaboration, Transfer of Technology and contract agreement from Globally recognized institutes & organizations

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