Mission & Vision
  1. To be a Torch bearer in the WORLD for quality healthcare.
  2. Aimil's mission is to provide Quality and Innovative Healthcare solutions for suffering masses through the progressively exploring wealth of Ultra scientific science named Ayurveda.
  3. With the mission 'QUALITY HEALTHCARE FOR ALL' We at AIMIL aim to reach the masses all over the globe, crossing annual turnover of ₹1000 crores ($ 160 Million approx.) by the end of 2022.

By end of 2030, We Visualise ourselves to be known synonymous to-

Globalised Modern Ayurveda
Health Naturally for all
Solution providers for challenging needs of healthcare sector

AIMIL’S vision is to constantly take the legacy of Ayurveda ahead Scientifically, establishing it as the REAL POWERFUL system in Healthcare sector around the World.

We THRIVE on facing new challenges, and work holistically towards providing solutions to it. Our vision is to provide best Healthcare solutions for diseases which are Tough to treat/chronic or where modern scientific system have their limitations.


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