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“Effective Glucose Management With Nourishing & Rejuvenating Vital Organs”
Amree plus is outcome of marvelous R&D efforts, bringing revolution in establishing a formulation for diabetes mellitus and associated micro & macro vascular complications management. It can be used an adjuvant to modern anti-diabetics and Insulin and in cases of PCOS along with Amycordial.
AMREE PLUS is a synergistic mix of active constituents from nature’s vital herbs that have been used all over the world from times immemorial. AMREE PLUS is a comprehensive oral anti-hyperglycemic benefiting the patients of type-2 diabetes with its unique herbal composition. It not only maintains glucose level but also nourishes the vital organs thus improves the quality of life. It also helps delay triopathic complications associated with diabetes due to its system toning effects. The formulation is specifically designed to provide comprehensive benefits w.r.t. glucose metabolism, insulin production and utilization, lipids metabolism as well as to alleviate the symptoms like fatigue, weight loss, excessive thirst etc. The processing of AMREE PLUS is done in a sophasticated manner to enrich formulation with thermolabile & proteinous components.


Promotes glucose utilisation, decrease insulin resistance, making cells more sensitive to effects of insulin & resulting in decrease blood sugar levels by karelo, bahero, bilu, methi beej, ashwagandha etc.


Repairs & revives B-cells, provides anti sweet principles, gymnemic acids, gurmarin which helps to repair & revive B-cells.


Supplements essential micro-nutrients, provides omega 3 & omega 6 fatty acids from almond oil. wheat germ oil plays key role in energy production & micro-nutrients like Phosphate- makes oxygen avaiable to the tissue by vijaysaae, Chromium & Copper- inhibits accumulation of sorbitol by methi, Magnesium & Maganese- improves production of insulin by jamun, Zinc- improves antioxidant enzymes in RBC's by pumpkin seeds which strengthens micro vasculature which is the utmost required of diabetics for preventing long term complications.




An effective insulin sensitizer with system tonner benefits
Amree Plus Increases insulin sensitivity, increasing utilization of glucose, a key action required for diabetic and PCOS patients.


Amree plus supplements essential micronutrients for strengthening of micro-vasculature which is the utmost requirement of diabetics.


Amree plus helps in preventing long term complications of diabetes mellitus by supplementing anti-oxidants and immuno-modulators.



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Unique Salient Features of Amree Plus
  • A natural insulin sensitizer
  • Benefits patients of PCOS along with Amycordial
  • Regulates insulin response of the pancreas
  • Helps regulate glucose & lipid metabolism
  • Checks over fatigue, excessive thirst & urination
  • Prevents diabetic complication like retinopathy, nemopathy & nephropathy.
  • A safe along with oral hypoglycemics
  • Free from risk of hypoglycemia
  • Improves immunity and anti-oxidant defense system
Indications for Amree Plus
  • Type II diabetes mellitus
  • In PCOS along with Aimil’s Amycordial
  • Impaired glucose tolerance
  • Adjunct to OHG and Insulin
Dosage of Amree Plus

    In mild conditions

    • Capsules: 2 Cap. Twice a day
    • Granules: ½-1 teaspoon twice or thrice a day
    • Tablets: 2 Tablets twice a day
    • Liquid: 1-2 teaspoonful twice or thrice a day or as directed by the physician for varying severity conditions.

    (Should be taken 20-30 minutes before meals)

FAQs about Amree Plus
Safety of Amree Plus


* Disclaimers for Product Safety : These indications are based solely on traditional Ayurvedic use.
(√) Safe to be taken, (X) Contra indicated, (-) Not applicable,
(!) Recommended to be used with caution in low dosage, Under strict supervision of the healthcare professional,
(*) Safety has been assessed in recommended dosage based on the texts in ancient literature and modern research findings as well as on clinical experiences.

Full details about the product

Dr. M.J. Chaudhary ( Ayurvedic Specialist )
Aimil Products are really of outstanding quality with authentic and effective formulation. These products show excellent results in the patients making the life of patients better. I have been using the products from the last more than 15 years and I am highly satisfied with the results. I congratulate and thanks Aimil for developing such wonderful products.
FAQs about Amree Plus
Amree Plus is recommended for maturity onset of Diabetes (type 2), however it may be of some help in type 1 in terms of delaying glucose absorption and additional benefits like immuno-modulatory, anti-oxidant, nutritional supplementation and other complication prevention.
Mechanism of action of Amree Plus:-
  • Activates islets of pancreas
  • Exerts insulin mimic effect
  • Activates the liver
  • acts as Nephro- protective, Anti-oxidant & Immuno- modulator.
Apart from maintaining blood sugar levels within normal limits, anti-diabetic herbal formulations provide various additional benefits also like nutritional supplementation, cardio protection, diabetic complication prevention, immuno-modulation and toning the physiology of the whole body.
Amree plus along with Amycordial was undertaken in women with PCOS. Therapy proved to be effective in prompt restoration of ovarian functions and in treating PCOS and fertility related problems.
Yes, Amree plus is Clinical studied at Mumbai and study published in Bombay hospital journal 47 (4), 2005.
Yes, Amree Plus provides various micro-nutrients from the sources like Bilv patr, Neem patr & Vijaysaar Ghansatva. These micro-nutrients are very essential for diabetic patients to prevent the disorders of eyes, kidneys, nerves, blood vessels & heart.
Yes, Amree Plus exerts insulin mimic effect due to the presence of insulin like molecules from Karela seeds, Kundru and Vijaysaar resembling in their ability to stimulate : storage of glucose in the form of glycogen and fats & inhibit break down of glycogen and fats to glucose.
Yes, Vijaysaar and Gudmar in Amree Plus are reported to regenerate partially damaged cells up to some extent, as reported by Journal of Ethno pharmacology & Life Sciences journal (USA).
Yes, Amree Plus, due to its anti-oxidant action prevent further deterioration of cells, which may take place due to various factors.
Amree Plus definitely affects the level of insulin. That is why Amree Plus helps to maintain blood glucose levels. In Maturity onset diabetics, Amree Plus increases the sensitivity & in turn utilization of insulin.
Amree Plus decreases the release of glucose into the blood from glycogen, fats and proteins and simultaneously enhances the formation of glycogen and fats from glucose in the blood. This helps to maintain the plasma level of glucose. Herbs present in Amree Plus and acting on liver protect the liver from toxicities of allopathic drugs.
Yes, Amree Plus provides natural bioflavonoids like Quercetin and catechin which are essential for diabetic patients particularly in complication prevention.
Yes, due to the presence of Methi seeds, Gudmar & Neem, Amree Plus delays the absorption of glucose from G.I.T., thus helps maintain blood sugar level with in normal limits. Moreover, prevents sudden shoot up of glucose level after meals.
Yes, Amree Plus has been clinically studied at various prestigious medical institutions e.g. AIIMS (New Delhi), A&U Tibbia Medical College & Hospital Delhi University, Endocrinology Lab (Dr, G.P. Sharma) Safdarjung Enclave Delhi, Aggarwal Hospital (Delhi).
Finding of clinical studies:- Controlled clinical trials in the dosage of 2-3 gm per dose established onset & duration of effects. The treatment with Amree Plus provided symptomatic relief particularly helping them with feeling of wellbeing, checking the further degeneration and increasing sensitivity towards insulin, thus preventing progression towards severity.
Amree Plus is enriched with natural bio-flavonoids from Bilvpatra, Neempatra, and Vijaysaar & Tejpatra thereby preventing neuropathic changes in the feet and improve blood flow into the large & small vessels in the feet. This is how Amree Plus prevents the occurrence of “Diabetic foot”.
Yes, the ingredients of Amree Plus are compatible with modern OHG(s) & insulin can be used along with modern oral hypoglycaemic safely.
Yes, Amree Plus is practically used in conjunction with modern anti-diabetic medicines to have better glycaemic control and quality of life in terms of various symptoms of diabetes.
Diabetes is not a disease rather it is life style disorder. For the well -being of diabetics it is advised to have good dietary management along with exercise and medication regularly. Following as advised above may help to reduce dependence on Modern Anti-Diabetic Medicines.
Yes, Amree Plus reduces dependence on insulin, due to insulin-mimic & insulin sensitizing effect with proper diet, exercise management.
No. Amree Plus cannot substitute insulin but it can reduce dependence on insulin over period of time by stabilizing or by reducing the dosage of insulin with utmost requirement of diet and lifestyle need to be taken care of.
Amree Plus provides comprehensive management of Diabetes mellitus i.e. taking care of all aspects of the disease while modern medicines are confined mainly to lower the blood sugar levels. Amree Plus not only provides nutritional supplementation, Hepato-protection and correction but also provides immuno-modulation and is exclusively free from the risk of hypoglycemia unlike many available modern drugs.
Response in terms of lowering of blood sugar levels may start with the first dose itself although the response may vary from patient to patient. Patient will feel better quality of life with in 7 to 10 days.
Yes, Amree Plus is very useful as a cardio protective due to its cholesterol lowering & anti-atherosclerotic activities and vascular protective effect by Gymnema sylvestre, Tinospora cordifoliya, Fenugreek etc.  particularly in diabetic subjects as they are more prone to have cardiac illnesses.
Yes, Amree Plus can help delay the onset of diabetic retinopathy due to the presence of Karela & other herbs providing bioflavonoids. It also supplements essential micronutrients from Methi seeds, Jamun & Neem Patr, which are essential to prevent the development of cataract and other disorders of eye.
Yes, Amree Plus can delay the onset of diabetic nephropathy due to the presence of Punenava & other herbs providing bioflavonoids, which prevent the leakage of proteins into urine.
Yes, Amree Plus can delay the onset of diabetic neuropathy due to the herbs like Bilv, Neem, Vijaysaar, Tejpatr providing bioflavonoids. Amree Plus supplements essential micronutrients from its different ingredients which help prevent pathological changes in nerve.
Yes, Amree Plus increases sensitivity towards insulin & reduces insulin resistance.
Amree Plus has been found reducing glycosylated Hb level by maintaining blood sugar level within normal limits for longer durations.
Amree Plus improves quality of life in diabetic subjects by reducing level of glycosylated Hb & maintaining blood sugar level within normal limits and reducing the symptoms of diabetes like polyuria, polyphagia, polydypsia, fatigue etc.
Yes, Amree Plus help delay the onset of diabetes in the diabetes susceptible group of patients due to its anti-oxidant action, which help prevent the damage to the β-islets of pancreas, liver stimulant action for better utilization of glucose and reducing the insulin resistance. Amree Plus by its micro-nutrients from Karela, Methi & Jamun regulate the action and production of insulin which is disturbed in diabetics.
The damage caused can’t be recovered however adding Amree Plus in established complication diabetic’s patients can arrest further deterioration in complications like Neuropathy, Nephropathy, and Retinopathy.
Karela, Bilva, Neem in Amree Plus exert vascular protective action, there by improve blood flow in the genitals and thus improves libido. Also, it helps restore the serum testosterone level and other herbs like Amla, Giloe provide essential nutrients.
No, Amree Plus should not be withdrawn even at good control of Diabetes. Yes, one can reduce the dosage of Amree Plus in maintenance therapy only under medical supervision, if need arises.
No additional anti-oxidants need to be supplemented as Amree plus prevents oxidative damage by exerting anti-oxidant effect. Supplements bioflavoinoids protects microvascular system, pancreas & liver from free radical damage.
Amree plus contains Trigonella foenum graecum (Methi ) seeds  containing major constituent of the SDF is galactomannan which works by decreasing the rate of gastric emptying and decreasing the absorption of glucose from the small intestine.
Yes, Amree plus supplements bioflavonoids, phosphates, chromium & copper , magnesium and manganese to fulfil micronutrient requirement and benefits in neuropathy & myopathy and triopathy complication from bilv ghansatv, Neem patr ghansatv, Vijaysaar ghansatv, Tejpatr ghansatv and karela ghansatv , jamun ghansatv etc.
Inspite of the development of many oral hypoglycaemics and insulin derivatives, still there remains a void in the complete management of diabetes. Nature has gifted us with exclusive benefits of various herbs from its flora. Amree plus is safe, potent, oral hypoglycaemic not only regulates blood sugar levels but also prevents oxidative damage thus accelerating the process of regeneration of β-cells. With system toning benefits Amree plus relieves clinical symptoms, checks degeneration and protects vital organs. Bioflavonoids and other phytoconstituents tend protect pancreas and vascular system from free radical damage & exert liver protection & anti-hypercholesterolaemic effects with complete control of the clinical symptoms.
The conventional diabetic management incorporates the use of OHG’s and some nutritional supplements like vitamins and anti-oxidants. Considering all the points, Amree plus provides not only all these essentials but also provides rejuvenative effects on the islets and nephrons for complete diabetes management. Biochemical analysis of serum insulin reveals that the Amree plus probably improves the sensitivity & utilization of insulin, thereby reducing the dependence on insulin. Thus, the comprehensive management with Amree plus in diabetes mellitus turns to be economical & fruitful.
We understand your concern for your patients and highly thankful for your keen interest in our range of products. You may prescribe BGR-34 in pre-diabetics and borderline diabetics however, Amree plus can be used in mild to moderate diabetics alone and with OHG’s & Insulin as adjunct in chronic diabetic to prevent diabetic complications.

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