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Kidney Care
Kidney care products provides an easy & natural way to keep Kidney function healthy and in order. Kidney care products helps to protect kidneys from any sort of infections & disorders, our products help remove accumulated waste products in blood/ body, thus maintain healthy kidney functions which is essential to good health. Also committed to address the individual needs of patients.
Liver Care
Liver care products are formulated to support healthy detoxification and healthy liver functioning. They help regulate levels of liver enzymes and optimize digestion, assimilation & metabolism and improve the functional capacity of the liver. They acts as liver corrective & liver protective by exerting membrane stabilizing effect on liver cells, exerting potent anti-oxidant effect and boosting the detoxification process of liver.
Women Health
Offers a diverse portfolio of women health pharmaceutical products that promote and improve women's health and women's quality of life. Women's Health formulas encourage optimum health in women, promote healthy hormone balance, and reduce PMS, perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms. Gynae care products made from a blend of herbs that nourish the female uterine system, supplement essential nutrients and help restore the balance of Hormone-Emotion-Nutrition axis
Diabetic Care
Diabetic care products provide perfect solution to manage diabetes Naturally. They are developed with the carefully chosen, selected herbs which reduce the overall blood sugar levels. The unique herbs of Diabetic care products, not only take care blood sugar levels, but also relieves the associated problems like weakness, fatigue, excessive urination, excessive hunger, weight loss etc. They also nourishes & strengthens the vital organs by supplementing essential micro-nutrients, anti-oxidants and immuno modulators, Thus also checks the chances of development of long term complications.
Child Health
Child healthcare products deals in the maintenance of health & treatment of different types of ailments from birth to adolescents. Child healthcare products offers a wide range of products to target the basic needs of growing children. They have been developed to take care of basic nutritional needs, to improve digestion & metabolism, to enhance learning & memory, to optimize height & weight gain, to combat digestive disturbances and to help achieve optimum growth.
Skin Care
Skin care products are perfectly developed from traditional Ayurvedic Skin healing herbs to treat various skin ailments i.e acne, pimples, leucoderma, urticaria etc. They nourish the skin and make it feel rejuvenated while enhancing the natural beauty from within. The rare selected medicinal herbs have been used to develop skin care products of outstanding quality & results
Health Restorative
The right herbal nutritional supplements can improve overall general health, fighting off illness, improving immunity and providing feeling of well-being. Aimil's nutrition/ multivitamin products are pleased to offer natural high potency, balanced multivitamin & mineral especially formulated for the unique nutritional needs of whole family. They are enriched with special herbs providing optimum nutrition needed for optimum health. They offer most excellent values of nutrition and maintain energetic, strong & healthy body.
Digestive care
Digestive care products takes a holistic approach to perfect digestive wellness. These products help address common digestive concerns such as indigestion, lack of appetite, gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation and irregular bowel habits. Digestive care products focuses on nourishing the body by correcting digestion, conquering infections and cleansing toxins that are fundamental to health & longevity.
Respiratory Health
Respiratory health care products provides synergistic herbal support for various ailment of the respiratory system. They are designed to restore health to mucosal tissues of the respiratory tract. They are rich source of anti-viral & anti-microbial herbs, thus fight respiratory tract infections of viral & bacterial origin, Relieving inflammation of the tract, soothe the sore throat, liquefy the viscous mucous & improve immunity.
Piles Management
Piles care products provides the natural Ayurveda solution for piles & other anoractal disease. They have been developed to treat the piles and simultaneously take care of causative factors like constipation weakness of blood vessels etc. They gently work to reduce pain, inflammation & bleeding, easing the discomfort of piles, prevent secondary infection, promote shrinkage & healing of pile mass. They offers quick & real relief from the discomfort of piles.
Male Sexual Wellness
Sexual wellness range improve male health in a variety of different ways. They act as potent reguvenator, owing to rich in anti-oxidants, increases stamina, tones body, enhances vitality and help build muscular strength. Sexual wellness range relieves stress, Elevate mood, Helps relieve fatigue & anxiety, Revitalizes and energizes body and promotes overall male health by supplementing essential nutrients.
Joint and Bone Health
Joint & bone health care products, fights pain & inflammation fast, Which helps to assist in joints & muscles pain relief, protect & prevent Joint damage & act as muscle relaxant. They are powerful combination of high potency extracts from time tested herbs, provide anti-inflammatory response, promotes anti-oxidant joint protection, protect the cartilage supplements essential micro-nutrients, thereby maintain joint & bone health & mobility
Brain Health
Brain health products effectively work for Brain and cognitive enhancement nourish the nervous tissue and support mental sharpness. They support healthy memory physical & mental endurance, support health energy level, vitality & stamina, helps manage day to day stress, sleeplessness, mood swing, depression and anxiety.
Fever & Flu
Fever, infection, flue & ache control formula, targeted to put immune system in top notch form to fight off viruses & other infections, provide fast relief from nasal congestion, sore throat, body ache & headache, enriched with detoxifying herbs to remove body toxins and improve metabolism to fasten recovery.
Cholesterol Care
Cholesterol is a type of fat in your blood. ... Cholesterol is made by your body. It also comes from food you eat. High cholesterol means that you have too much of the fat in your blood. LDL and HDL are part of your total cholesterol.

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