The special mission before AIMIL  is to offer the health profession a means of solution for the problem for which no promising & safe treatment is available as yet with main medicine stream, majority are metabolic disorders ; which we could succeed by our in-house advanced technology and research & development efforts and also fetching the opportunities for technical collaborations from very eminent research organizations of the country……

Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) have developed a very unique formula namely LUKOSKIN for effective and safe treatment of Leucoderma, an ailment which is still a big challenge for the medical profession to treat, exploring exclusively rare herbs available in Himalayan region and transferred the technology to AIMIL for manufacturing and marketing for the welfare of the suffering masses…… - Lukoskin

Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) have entered into development of herbal anti-diabetic formulation (BGR – 34) with the mission to check the wide spread to diabetes in Indian origin of people which are declared as most prone for diabetes by WHO utilizing herbal resources which remains safe on long term usage and be able to effectively control glycemia & prevents the degenerative progression… - BGR-34

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