Taking the legacy of Ayurveda ahead scientifically

Aimil is committed to explore distinct unrevealed health benefits inherent in 5000 years old science, Ayurveda. Aimil provides natural products backed with strong Research & Development efforts ensuring the predictable therapeutic benefits to the suffering masses.

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First of its kind scientific breakthroughs developed by us...
Successful Anti-urolithiatic formula for renal calculi & UTI’s
Desired strength Liver Formula
Breakthrough for Leucoderma, an incurable disease
Anti-acne Gel enriched with α-Mangostin, a novel molecules
Anti-diabetic best launch in Indian Pharma Market
Natural Nephroprotective formula for Kidney Care
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A desired strength liver corrective and protective fortified with highest no. of synergistically acting herbs extracts in therapeutics concentration.

Resolve & dissolves urinary disorders providing safer, corrective & preventive management

Focuses on the health and healing of the joints, providing powerful prevention & treatment of the issues with joints deterioration.

Fights acne and pimples fast with dual intensive treatment.

A natural health restorative for all ages, containing gentle Iron, Minerals, Vitamins and more.

Memtone tonic for healthy brain and mind, a natural neuroprotective to maximize brains health & potential

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