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Understanding the hidden facts
Every disease or its treatment have so many hidden facts which are sometimes misunderstood. Its always essential to understand the disease as well as the treatment. "Did you know" section will help you learn so many hidden facts.
How to eat Mango & Papaya

The phytochemical β-crypto xanthin in papaya & mango has anti-oxidant properties & can be converted by the body in to vitamin A.
β-crypto xanthin is best absorbed when eaten with fat, so to maximize the benefit try to eat mangoes or papayas as part of a mixed meal rather than their own.

Sweet potato increases your risk of developing kidney stones

A  “high-oxalate” diet., especially  black grapes, beets, carrots, eggplant, spinach and sweet potato increases your risk of developing kidney stones, especially oxalic acid stones.

Drinking lemonade will decrease risk of kidney disease

Drinking lemonade will decrease risk of kidney disease because Lemons have the highest concentration of citrate – a natural inhibitor of kidney stone formation.

Liver contains 10% of the total blood in the body

At any given point in time, liver contains 10% of the total blood in the body. It filters around 1.4 liters of blood every single minute

Diabetes develop heart disease

People with diabetes are twice as likely to develop heart disease than someone without diabetes

Type-2 diabetes can remain undiagnosed for several years

Type-2 diabetes can remain undiagnosed for several years during which time the blood glucose levels are too high, causing and some of the complications of diabetes. People with Type-2 diabetes are often diagnosed as a result of having complications rather than because they suspect they have diabetes.

What is the Role of Nephrons in the Body?

Each individual kidney consists of at least 1 million and up to 2 million nephrons. Nephrons are nothing but very tiny filters that are capable of filtering blood and eliminating the waste materials. If the nephrons in both kidneys are taken out and placed end to end horizontally, they will cover a distance of 16 kilometers.

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