Dosage Available in : Tablet Syrup
"A natural support for active liver"
Amlycure is one of the best formulation for improving appetite, improving liver functions to restore liver function test parameters, it improves innate immunity to help fight liver diseases. Amlycure is advanced formulation with exclusive benefits of micronutrients and anti-oxidant. Amlycure exerts pronounced anti-oxidant activity to rejuvenate liver cells acts as hepatoprotective against potentially hepatotoxic drugs, alcohol, pollutants etc.
Tones liver multi-dimensionally, Harmonizes liver functions
Maintains normal appetite and prevents gastric discomfort
Improves appetite & digestion, Enhances secretion of digestive enzymes, shows potential choleretic activity, thus helps in faster digestion, assimilation & metabolism.
Prevents drug induced gastric irritation, Herbal extracts shows significant protection against antibiotics and pain killers induced gastric damage by protecting the gastric mucosa and balancing gastric acid secretion.
Restores liver functions (LFT's), Significantly protects against increase in serum bilirubin, SGOT, SGPT & Checks the hepatocellular damage by membrane stablising & antioxidant effects.
Protects liver from toxins and acts as detoxifier
Protects against alcohol induced liver damage, Increases levels of ADH & ALDH which metabolises acetaldehyde & converts it into acetic acid, thus reduces accumulation of acetaldehyde which is mainly responsible for hepatic injury in alcoholism.
Relieve fatique & stress by toning liver cells, strengthens, nourishes & revitalizes the body by improving liver functions, provides micronutrients in their natural form for easy absorption & assimilation, leading to enhancement of energy level and improvement of immune & anti-oxidant system.
Prevents liver from toxins, Bioactive constituents antagonises toxic effects of chemical & environmental toxicants, thus prevents liver damage.
Unique Salient Features of Amlycure
  • Improves Appetite, Tones GIT
  • Maintains Liver functions
  • Exerts Gastroprotective Action
  • Acts as anti-hepatotoxic
Indications for Amlycure
  • Lack of Appetite
  • Indigestion & poor assimilation
  • Hyperbilirubinemia
  • Poor LFT’s
  • Acute Hepatitis of varied Aetiology
  • Adjunct to Hepatotoxic drugs
Dosage of Amlycure

    Syrup :

    • Adults :

    2 teaspoonful TDS

    • Children :

    1 teaspoonful TDS

    Tablets :

    • Adults :

    2 Tabs BD

FAQs about Amlycure
Safety of Amlycure
* Disclaimers : These indications are based solely on traditional Ayurvedic use.

Full details about the product

Dr. M.J. Chaudhary ( Ayurvedic Specialist )
Aimil Products are really of outstanding quality with authentic and effective formulation. These products show excellent results in the patients making the life of patients better. I have been using the products from the last more than 15 years and I am highly satisfied with the results. I congratulate and thanks Aimil for developing such wonderful products.
FAQs about Amlycure

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