Botanical Name

Plumbago zeylanica L.




Plumbagidium scandens (L.) Spach, Plumbago scandens L.,  Plumbago viscosa Blanco, Molubda  scandens (L.) Raf., Findlaya alba Bowdich.

Regional Name

English : Lead wart, Hindi : Chira, Chitra, Cheeta, Sanskrit : Agni, Vahni, Jvalanakhya, Krsanu, Huasa, Dahana, Hutabhuk, Sikhi, Urdu : Sheetraj, Cheetah, Punjabi : Chitra, Gujrati : Chitrakmula, Assamese : Agiyachit, Agnachit, Bengali : Chita, Kannada : Chitramula, Vahni, Bilichitramoola, Kashmiri : Chitra, Shatranja, Malayalam : Vellakeduveli, Thumpokkoduveli, Marathi : Chitraka, Oriya : Chitamula, Chitoparu, Tamil : Chitramoolam, Kodiveli, Telugu : Chitramulam.

Part Used



Global distribution of this species is paleotropical . Within India, it is found in the tropical and subtropical regions and wild in Peninsular India and West Bengal. Chitrak is a large perennial sub-scandent shrub cultivated in gardens throughout. It grows up to the height of 3 to 6 feet. Roots 30 cm or more in length, 6 mm or more in diameter as also as short stout pieces, including root stocks reddish to deep brown, scars of rootlets present, bark thin and brown, internal structure striated, odour, disagreeable, taste, acrid.


Plumbagin, Plumbagic Acid, 3-Chloroplumbagin, Chitranone, Isozeylinon, Hydroxyproline, Elliptinone, Zeylanone, Zeylinone, Maritone, Dihydrosterone and B- Sitosterol etc.

Ayurvedic Properties

Rasa : Katu, Guna : Laghu, Ruksa, Tiksna, Vipaka : Katu, Virya : Usna, Karma : Sothahara, Dipana, Grahi, Pacana, Kaphavatahara, Arsohara, Sulahara.

Ayurvedic Applications

Agnimandya, Grahani Roga, Arsa, Udara Sula, Gudasotha.

Medicinal Uses

Chitrak is used in different diseases like indigestion, nausea, abdominal cramps, diarrhoea, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation, piles, ulcer, Hemorrhoids, skin diseases and Leprosy. It is used as a liver tonic, as it enhances the liver metabolism. It helps in lowering the cholesterol level. PLUMBAGIN helps in improvising the immune system.
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Amlycure D.S vet syrup (Poultry)
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