Incontinence (loss of bladder control) is a common complaint. Incontinence is most common in people over fifty, but loss of bladder control can occur at any age, especially in pregnant women. It is wrong to assume that loss of bladder control is an inevitable part of getting older. It is also wrong to assume nothing can be done about this problem.



Acute Incontinence

Often caused by an infection

Persistent Incontinence

Develops over time and tends to last longer


  • Stay away from alcohol, coffee, carbonated beverages.
  • If you are overweight, adopt a healthy weight-loss diet and exercise program to help you. As obesity is a common factor in incontinence.


Anyone who is experiencing bladder control problems should consult a physician to check for possible underlying cause and investigate the possibilities for treatment. The appropriate treatment depends upon the type of bladder control problem.

A natural and safer way out for incontinence

NEERI an outstanding research product of AIMIL Pharmaceuticals ranking at the top in urology segment since its launch with best support from the valuable prescribers. Clinical studies and principles of Ayurvedic Pharmacodynamics, highlight role of Crateva nurvala (Varuna) and its benefits in management of urinary disorders, caused by enlarged prostate (in males) and relieving the symptoms.

Crateva nurvala (Varuna) in NEERI Supports health in elderly

  • Improves tonicity of urinary bladder
  • Reduces quantity of residual urine to normal
  • Helps subside associated symptoms

Along with serving the purpose NEERI also provides potent immunomodulatory action due to Boerhavia diffusa (Punernava) and Moringa oliefera (Sigru). Immune modulation has been regarded as the regulation of immune response stimulating them to prevent infectious disease or by suppressing them in desired conditions.

Solanum nigrum (Makoya) extract provides significant cytoprotection due to increase in activity of free radical scavenging enzymes, counteracting free radicals.

Purified Black Bitumen (Shilajit)

This enormously rich source of minerals has been used since ancient times as a tonic for kidney and bladder function. It also enhances the functionality of all the other ingredients in the formula, much like a biological catalyst.

Thus, NEERI supports bladder health with added benefit of improving body defence system, protecting nephrons from damage. Helps healthy functioning of nephrons.  

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