Botanical Name :- Moringa oleifera Lam.,

Family :- Moringaceae.

Synonyms :-  Guilandina moringa L. Hyperanthera moringa (L.) Vahl, Moringa zeylanica Burmann.

Regional Name :- English : Horse Radish Tree, Drum Stick Tree, Hindi :Shajoma, Mungna, Sanskrit : Sobhanjana, Bahala, Tiksnagandha, Aksiva, Mocaka, Urdu :Sehjan, Punjabi :Sohanjana, Gujrati :Sargavo, Sekato, Saragavo Parna, Bengali :Sajina, Sajna, Sajne, Kannada :Neegge, Nuggeele, Malayalam :Murinna, Tishnagandha, Muringa, Muringa Elai, Marathi :Sevaga, Segata, Segatapana, Shewgachi pane, Oriya :Sajana, Munga, Munika, Tamil :Murungai, MurungaiIlai, Telugu :Munaga Aku.

Part Used :- Leaves, Bark, Seeds.

Description :- Sigru is found in India and Pakistan. It is indigenous to the sub-Himalayan tracts of  North West India. This species is cultivated throughout India and in many other tropical countries. Sigru consists of dried leaf of a small or medium sized tree. Leaves tripinnate compound, available in the form of leaflets and some broken pieces of rachis, slender, thickened, and articulated at the base; leaflet 1.2-2 cm long and 0.5-1 cm wide, entire, elliptic, ovate or obovate, rounded or narrowed at base and obtuse at apex; smooth and greenish-grey to pale green; odour and taste not distinct.

Phytoconstituents :- It contains-Carbohydrate, Protein, Vitamins, Beta-Carotene, Ascorbic acid, amino acids and various phenolics. It is also contains zeatin, quercetin, beta-sitosterol, caffeoylquinic acid and kaempferol.

Ayurvedic Properties :- Rasa : Madhura, Guna : Guru, Ruksa, Tiksna, Virya : Sita, Vipaka : Madhura, Karma : Caksusya, Medohara, Pittahara, Vatahara, Sukra Nasaka, Krmihara, Brmhana, Sirovirecaka.

Ayurvedic Applications :- Sopha, Gulma, Krmiroga, Medoroga, Pliharoga, Vidradhi, Galaganda.

Medicinal Uses :- It is used to treat and prevent diseases such as diabetes, urinary disorders, , kidney stones, fluid retention, heart problems, high blood pressure, cough, cold, asthma, anaemia, arthritis, joint pain (rheumatism), cancer, liver disease, and respiratory, skin, Abdominal tumor, digestive disorders, constipation, diarrhea, epilepsy, stomach pain, stomach and intestinal ulcers, intestinal spasms, headache , thyroid disorders, bacterial, fungal, viral, and parasitic infections. Sigru is also used to reduce swelling, increase sex drive (as an aphrodisiac), prevent pregnancy, boost the immune system, and increase breast milk production.


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