Growth is an essential feature that distinguishes a child from an adult. It is a continuous process that takes place throughout life but is of utmost importance during the initial year after birth i.e. from infancy till adult. The value of uninterrupted growth in children's lives can be easily understood by undermining unique “Child growth standards” set by the WHO, which not only indicates the adequate growth parameters but also give major parenting goals in terms of nourishment.

Although the term growth & development are often used together as they both work simultaneously to provide the complete wellbeing of a child.

ANTHROPOMETRIC factors denote adequate growth in child


  • Skeletal growth: continuous progress of skeletal systems in order to provide proper body stature.
  • Bone age estimation: maturity & development of ossification center of bones.
  • Eruptions of teeth: the slow process of enamel growth.


  •  Weight: on average, a child gains about 2kg every year between the age of 3-7 years & 3 kg per year after that till puberty growth.
  •  Length or height: a normal Indian child is 100 cm tall at the age of 4.5 years. Thereafter, the child gains about 6 cm in height every year.
  •  Systemic growth: as there is an increase in child structure during the process of development, similarly there is a proportionate growth of organs in children.  


Mental development is an important aspect of growth, embracing various mental abilities. It begins right from birth, as the child develops with the passage of time the mental reaction also changes.

Mental development in children is nothing but another name for extending the intellectual horizon of the child. To begin with, the world is one large, “booming, buzzing confusion” to the child which undergone the process of differentiation & integration during a course of growth. There are many parameters to determine mental growth in children such as abilities to attend, observe, remember, imagine, think & solve problems and the factors that affect mental development include a healthy diet, education, learning & additional nervine tonic to strengthen the nervous system.

Importance of nutrition

According to the modern system of medicine, there are a variety of vitamins & minerals such as Vitamin-C, B-complex, proteins & calcium which supports growth & development starting from breastfeeding infants to solid diet consumers. But what makes an ancient system of medicine a better choice in all segments of life is because Ayurveda considers Ahara as Mahaushadha, and is found to be the most essential factor in the promotion of health and prevention of diseases. In Vedic literature, Ahar is considered as nectar. Especially in Balya Avasta (infants-childhood) diet and dietetics are very essential for example majorly after 6 months’ weight of child double about 6kg therefore in order to fulfill nutritional needs, nutritional diet & additional herbal tonic is always beneficial.

Disorders associated with lack of growth

  • Structural deformities- short stature, fragile muscles, prone to fractures, postural deformities.
  • Systemic deformities- lack of appetite, gastric eruptions, indigestion, and iron deficiency anemia.
  • Behavioral deformities- PICA (People with the disorder pica compulsively eat items that have no nutritional value), food fussiness
  • Cognitive deformities- learning disabilities, psychosocial depression.

​Therefore, to make this journey of growth & development more joyful AIMIL pharmaceuticals took a step forward and provide a significant range of herbal preparations for children starting from

K.G Tone Forte- This herbal preparation addresses all issues related to child growth such as gripes & colics during the eruption of teeth, improve gastric discomforts & boosts the immunity of the child with the help of efficient herbs such as draksha (grape), amla (gooseberry), ajwain (bishop's weed), Ashwagandha (Indian ginseng) and many more.

Amyron- Nutritional anemia is the most common concern of today’s parents leads to low immunity, lack of appetite & low energy level, for that reason AIMIL presents a natural haematinic enriched with natural herbal extracts. 

Boniheal- Injuries are part of the childhood journey but no injury should cause bone loss is the only aim of AIMIL pharmaceuticals by launching an herbal combination BONIHEAL which not only strengthens bones with the help of constituent like alfalfa, palak, nirgundi but also provide natural calcium in four active forms.

Memtone- Understanding the importance of brain health in growing children, memtone should be the herbal choice for all the parents as it is a perfect blend of herbs like Brahmi, shankhpushpi, jatamansi which works as both nervine tonics & restore normal activity in children. Memtone also promotes learning retention & relies upon anxiety, therefore, it is well to have tonic during examination in school-going children.


  • Behavioral therapy
  • Social outing
  • Active play routine
  • Proper parenting
  • Healthy diet
  • Herbal preparations such as K.G Tone, Memtone, Amyron.

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