Women being the most integral part of our society, deserve a sustainable & an equal future with no stereotype approach. To reach us there, the world must prioritise women’s health in all aspects of life. Therefore celebrating & contributing to this year's women's day (8th march 2021) theme -

“Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world,​”

AIMIL appreciates the tremendous efforts of women around the world in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic & pledges to contribute in the women's health journey throughout the year.

In India reproductive and sexual health is a broad subject that encompasses many interrelated challenges & problems. Also the subject is still socially taboo, Women do not consider her menstrual health as an integral part of complete wellbeing that ultimately leads to the existence of silent suffering, irrespective of the improved social economic status. However this silent exploitation is being run since ages under the umbrella of culture fabricated society which makes it more difficult for the health care provider to support women during her complete menstrual journey.

The female reader may find it relatable that the challenges that come with growing age are complex & sometimes traumatizing. Speaking about the Ayurvedic aspects of "Women Health", it says that every woman is surrounded by many different issues during different stages of life, starting from adolescence to elderly, women undergoing a series of profound changes that include menarche, pregnancy, postpartum & menopause, merely run by the virtue of hormonal changes. Although Ayurveda does not clearly mention the word hormone but considers “Dhatu Agni'' as an integral part of female reproductive health in its own unique language. Ayurveda emphasizes that women during her journey from menarche to menopause require special care in regards to a good diet & healthy lifestyle in order to effectively cope up with these changes. Also to keep her body healthy & more suitable Ayurveda provides a rich knowledge about herbs such as Shatavari (​Asparagus racemosus​), Kumari (​Aloe vera​), Ashwagandha (​Withania somnifera​), Giloy (​Tinospora cordifolia​), Revand chini (​Rheum emodi​), Kalaunji (​Nigella sativa​), Putrajeevak (​Putranjiva roxburghii​) etc. which works as a powerful tool to achieve optimum reproductive health. Some of them includes.


Stress is completely rooted in society and women are frequently exposed to psychological, physical and physiological stressors. Psychological stress disturbs reproductive health by inducing the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and oxidative stress (OS). The increased OS may affect the physiology of ovary, oocyte quality and cause female reproductive health disorders. To overcome stress-mediated reproductive health disorders in women, Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) commonly known as a boon for women (Rasayana), is frequently recommended in Ayurvedic systems of medicine to treat reproductive ailments of women.


Ashwagandha, also known as ​Withania somnifera, effectively​ encourages the balanced production of female hormones, regulates the HPO axis, improves mood & supports cognitive function during the premenstrual phase. It also reduces the levels of serotonin & corticosterone & thus makes the body adaptogenic to handle the impact of stress.


Sunflowers (​Helianthus annuus​) is fortified with natural Omega-3 fatty acid & other essential phytonutrients which in particular provides solution for restoring normal reproductive function, improves oocytes maturation & adds nutrition for overall female wellbeing


Methi (​Trigonella foenum-graecum​), being rich in phenolic extracts, effectively inhibits-amylase and -glucosidase activity indicates potential contribution in managing hyperglycemia linked with PCOS induced insulin resistance.

Aimil, being a renowned health care provider from the last three decades believes that every women should take their menstrual journey seriously, thus this year AIMIL would like to take a charge & support women throughout her health journey. Aimil acknowledges that women health considerably affects the health of future generation & wellness of the family, thereby subsequently delivers scientifically-backed products like Amycordial, Amyron, Zymnet Plus & Amystop-G which makes the journey from menarche to menopause joyful & ensures optimum reproductive health.


Every woman despite any age, race or sexual orientation should feel supported, empowered & comfortable to address any reproductive & sexual issues with comfort while visiting the healthcare provider.

Happy International Women’s Day

More power to you !!

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