Type 2 diabetes in most cases does not involve insulin therapy, but only balanced diet and exercise. The basic rule for type 2 diabetes management is a balanced diet. Physical activity is the other main stay of therapy, as it promotes the consumption of glucose in the muscles and helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels

Constant physical activity - many researches now confirm - clearly improves the cells' capacity to absorb glucose, thus increasing the number of insulin receptors. In particular, one of the most suitable sports for those suffering from diabetes has proved to be cycling, since it is an aerobic activity, of a repetitive and constant type. 

Cycling also has the advantage of being a non-traumatic sport, with faster muscle recovery times, and offers the opportunity to travel significantly longer distances than other disciplines.

In terms of reducing blood sugar levels, moderate exercise is also more effective than intense physical activity: 30 to 60 minutes of cycling per day is enough to take advantage of the anti-diabetes benefits of two wheels.

A study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise showed that cycling at a moderate pace for an hour allows overweight people with diabetes to halve their blood sugar levels in the next 24 hours. 


It is easier to manage pre-diabetic or borderline diabetic condition, then to struggle life time after being enrolled as diabetics.

Here are some of the tips for diabetics:-

Anti-oxidants are good for everyone. However, in case of diabetics they become more responsible for improving the quality of life. This is from where and how anti-oxidants benefits the diabetics:-

They are added to diabetic’s food/ medicines not only for lowering blood glucose but to reduce risk of heart disease, stroke, arthritis.

Category Food components
Anthocyanins Berries and purplish fruits
Allium compounds Onion & garlic
Β- carotenes Yellow, Orange foods , green leafy vegetables
Catechins Kino glass,Red wine & Teas
Flavonoids Teas, red wine & citrus fruits
Vitamin A, C & E
Minerals Mg, Zn, Se, Cr, Cu

All are essential for diabetic good health.

AIMIL participates to spread awareness for well-being of diabetics.

  • Butin & Quercitin in BGR-34Prevents Retinopathy by modulating polyol pathway - Decreases the accumulation of sorbitol, helps prevents lens opacities and retinal damage due to flavonoids
  • Glycosides present in BGR-34  - Prevents Nephropathy by improving functional capacity of nephrons.
  • Lutein in BGR -34 - Improves local & cellular immunity, helps in diabetic foot ulcer.
  • Tannins in BGR-34  - Strengthens blood vessels
  • Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids Rich in Amree Plus - Strengthens cardiovascular system
  • Supplements Micro-nutrients – Rich in Amree Plus
  • Phosphates- makes more oxygen available to tissues
  • Chromium & copper- Inhibits accumulation of sorbitol
  • Maganese & Magnesium- Improve production of insulin
  • Zinc- Improves anti-oxidant enzymes in RBC’s

Diet, exercise or medication alone can never be sufficient for diabetes management, multifarious approach is  always recommended  to manage diabetes. 

Aimil offers BGR-34 – Research product of CSIR- CIMAP & NBRI and Amree plus in house research product of AIMIL (liquid, capsule, granule and tablet)

BGR-34 primarily focuses on managing glucose levels in Pre- diabetics & Borderline diabetics.

Amree Plus helps in maintaining blood glucose level with plus benefits of system tonner. Helps protect system form development of triopathic complication.


Balanced Diet + Moderate Physical activity = Manage Pre / Diabetic conditions MAKES Life MORE ENJOYABLE!!


1. Add in foods like cinnamon, fenugreek seeds, apple cidar vinegar as natural remedy to improve insulin sensitivity.

2. Spend time for walk / exercise / yoga / assana’s or pranayama daily.

3. Manage body weight.

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