Discovery of antibiotics has served as the cornerstone of modern science since ages, but however due to persistence overuse or misuse of antibiotics in humans have encouraged the emergency to fix the solution of the antibiotic resistance, which occurs when microbes such as bacteria become resistant to drugs used to treat them. 

Antibiotic: From life savior to life threat

Although earlier antibiotics are found to be responsible for the eradication of infectious diseases in reality due to continuous growing use of them, emerging & re-emerging infectious diseases have evolved so tremendously.

Today “The medicine discovered to eradicate them are facing tough defeat in the battleground” and therefore antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has emerged as a major global threat, especially in India where according to the Indian Network for Surveillance of Antimicrobial Resistance, there are 41% of resistant Staphylococcus aureus while multi-resistant entero-bacteriaceae is also very high.

Few studies have also reported resistance to Salmonella typhi to various multi-drug combinations.

Facts that cause resistance

  • Self-consumption of antibiotics
  • Over-prescription of antibiotics
  • Patient not finishing the entire antibiotic course
  • Use of antibiotics in viral infections such as common cold
  • Absence of better solutions

Need more than new antibiotic to fight resistance

Ayurveda’s approach is unique, natural and gentle that considers microorganisms as symbiotic parts of the entire ecosystem avoiding wars or conflicts resulting in a focus on strengthening immunity.

Therefore in the battleground where bacteria are immune to most of the antibiotics, the complex active phytochemicals present in various herbal & classical preparations does not let the bacteria to develop resistance.

Way ahead with Fifatrol

Since the rich heritage of knowledge of various herbs such as Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum), Giloe (Tinospora cordifolia) are already mentioned in ancient texts but with the recent study conducted on FIFATROL, AIIMS Bhopal illustrate power of various classical preparation such as Sanjeevani Vati, Tribhuvan Kirti ras, mrityunjay ras & other herbs otherwise use in fever, cold, body aches have shown potentially effective as a NATURAL ANTIBIOTIC, as fifatrol significantly inhibits the growth of various pathogens especially on Staphylococcus Spp. & Salmonella typhi bacteria  primarily causing URTI & typhoid, aiming towards providing a structured solution

Fifatrol an herbal product by Aimil Pharmaceuticals is a multi-drug combination which not only works as natural anti-microbial, anti-infective but also efficiently built immunity in order to prevent further manifestation.

In the era where the untoward effect of antibiotics is a major concern globally, fifatrol, on the other hand, shows no toxicity hence offering completely wellbeing.

The World Health Organization is taking important steps in order to create awareness about antibiotic resistance and eradicate the issue from the grassroots level before it turns into an epidemic. These efforts include organizing awareness weeks at different country-level and state-level organizations to help the common individuals understand the side effects and problems related to antibiotic resistance.

In addition to the above, Aimil Pharmaceuticals has committed itself, hand in hand with WHO’s goal and contributing at the peak to the efforts in eradicating antibiotic resistance.

Our global contribution to 2019 “ANTIBIOTIC AWARENESS WEEK”

  • Pledge for a resistant free nation 
  • Use of antibiotics only in emergency conditions
  • Do not take, share or use leftover antibiotics
  • Spread awareness about antibiotic resistance  
  • Follow proper sanitization 
  • Benefiting with an herbal solution
  • Use of “NATURAL ANTIBIOTIC” fifatrol

    “Think Twice, Seek Advice or Pay the Price”

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