This 7th April marked the 69th World Health Day with the nominated theme – Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere. The theme has one goal of ensuring that everyone can obtain the care they need, at any given time and right in the heart of the community.

According to WHO, half the world’s 7.3 billion population lacks access to essential health services and situation is shakier in India where there is huge disparity & inaccessibility in the distribution of healthcare facilities.

Challenges in the way

In India there is one doctor in every 921 people which makes accessibility a daunting challenge. Furthermore, as the burden of Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) is increasing, modern medicines are getting answerless despite of strides it has made in acute conditions, infections & surgical interventions. The increased probability of side effect and adverse effect in long term treatment has also limited the use of modern drugs in lifestyle disorders.

Ayurveda: A trailblazer

Ayurveda is a proved science which is bringing revolution to the healthcare industry. In a survey it was revealed that 90% people want to adopt Ayurveda as the first call of treatment. And this trend is also evident from the growing market in which Ayurveda is set to cross the 50 K crore mark in 2022. Ayurveda is a science which is perfected over centuries and is gaining momentum due to its capability to combat growing burden of NCDs. The Indian government has given special status to this system of medicine in Ayushmann Bharat owing to its usability in meeting the objectives of UHC to provide superior healthcare, wellness facilities & insurance to rural and underprivileged. The WHO has also recognised Ayurveda in its Traditional medicine strategy 2014-23. It aims to develop policies and strengthen the role of traditional medicine in keeping population healthy.

Aimil Pharmaceuticals (I) Ltd. has envisioned the concept of UHC since its inception and in its endeavour to alleviate the suffering of mankind has reinvented the science of Ayurveda by implementing a unique philosophy. Every brand of Aimil is blended with the twin concept of restoration & supplementation which works in tandem in treatment of disease and also ensuring the accelerated recovery in the process. The strong precedent to this philosophy is Aimil’s NEERI KFT which has converted hopes into promises for many Chronic kidney disease patients. Similarly, BGR-34 of Aimil, a research knowhow of Council of scientific & industrial research (CSIR) has led to a paradigm shift in the therapy of diabetes in the country. With Aimil’s diverse product range and pan India coverage the promise of Ayurveda seems fulfilled.

From trailblazer to spearhead

With 6 lakh Ayurveda practitioners in India and 20,000 in pipeline every year, we are getting closer to the aim of UHC with every passing day. And if we can realise our dream of getting Ayurveda in mainstream then the steps we are taking today will become milestones in future.

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