Reversing Osteopenia - Low bone mineral density which is a very common phenomenon in Indian patients leads them to the pitfall of osteoporosis and fractures. But recent studies have led to an introduction of a pharmacotherapy which can stop the patient in between and induce reversal. The following article discusses the implication of the disease and ways of management.

According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation, every 3 seconds someone somewhere around the world suffers an osteoporotic fracture and the situation maybe grimmer in India which comes under low intake calcium country and has already 50 mn patients of osteoporosis.

Need of awareness

These fractures are not indicators but are consequences of ongoing fateful journey of one’s bones from fragile to very weak. WHO categorises patients according to BMDt - scores of spine or hip. Scores between -1 and -2.5 indicate osteopenia (a condition where bones are not very weak but are fragile) and according to the study published in Reviews in Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders, the vast majority of osteoporotic fracture occur in osteopenic patients. In an article in ET Healthworld, Dr. H.S. Chhabra, chief of spine service and medical director, Indian spinal injury centre, New Delhi has pointed out that one of the biggest hurdles in managing osteoporosis is lack of awareness even among Healthcare professionals. Dr. Chhabra also mentions that people need to be informed about what they can do to lower the risk of osteopenia in osteoporosis.

Fulfilling requirements through Ayurveda

Arthritis Foundation of India recommends adequate calcium intake and Vitamin D for the prevention of osteoporosis along with other measures. Calcium the major component of bone structure is often inadequate in the normal diet and this insufficiency rolls the person in the corridors of osteopenia. Reversing osteopenia requires both supplementation and restoration of the bone erosion. Ayurveda which works on both supplementation and restoration aspect of any disease here can be very helpful as calcium, pro bone minerals supplement can arrest the further progression and herbs increasing osteoblastogenesis and limiting osteoclastogenesis can be a boon for the patients.

Novel management

A study states that specific pharmacotherapy should be instituted to an osteopenic patient to prevent osteoporosis and possibility of fracture. Inadequate bone therapy is a hurdle in the vision of a world without fragility fractures. Aimil Pharmaceuticals (India) Limited has bought a new resource in support of better bone health, Boniheal, a complete phytomineral bone therapy for bones which supplements four unique types of calcium viz. calcium carbonate, calcium oxide, calcium silicate and calcium oxide in bioactive forms along with Vitamin D and K for facilitating absorption. The pro bone minerals like Magnesium, Silicon & Boron in addition to osteoblastogenesis increasing herbs makes Boniheal stand out of the ordinary.

The way forward

Research studies, experts’ advice and various organization are putting their weight behind the prevention and awareness of osteopenia and osteoporosis which presents us with the opportunity to take measures to reverse osteopenia and make healthy mobility a reality for all.

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