The indigenously developed drug for diabetes BGR-34 has climbed its way to the top spot in the rankings of all herbal anti-diabetic drugs in the Indian market, according to the MAT VAL MAR 19 data of AIOCD. It is the second biggest milestone for the drug after being praised and awarded by the CSIR Technology Award 2016 by PM Modi.

The drug which is the research product of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has led to a revolution in the treatment options for patients with Type – II diabetes. BGR-34 created a strong image in minds of physicians with its good results and strong scientific background. BGR-34's strong acceptance was evident when it featured in top-20 list of all 6000 newly launched allopathic and ayurvedic brands.

BGR-34: A novel drug

India’s burden of diabetes stands tall with 72 million adults already bearing the burn of disease. And what makes the disease a silent killer is the ongoing destruction of the beta cells of pancreas which makes insulin which in turns lowers the elevated blood glucose. The United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study (UKPDS) showed that beta cell function was already down to 50% by the time of diagnosis of disease and continued to decline over even with ongoing hypoglycemic therapy. Further daunting fact emerged after the study by American Diabetes Association which revealed that the modern drugs such as sulfonylurea may induce Beta-cell death and this fact was strengthened by a study published in PLOS one journal which found that Beta-cell dysfunction were more frequent in patients who are on sulfonylurea and glinides.

Experts believe that BGR-34 good results and wide acceptance is its uniqueness in not only preserving the beta cells but also reviving them. BGR-34 is enriched with Vijaysar which has been proved to increase the number of beta cells in pancreas. Evidence based results about Vijaysar’s ability to increase beta cell population in the pancreas has been published in Indian Journal of Pharmacology. BGR-34 apart from being a natural DPP-4 inhibitor exerts cardioprotective action which is a much-needed effect in case of diabetic patient. BGR-34 study in Journal of Traditional & Complimentary medicine also concludes that BGR-34 is significantly effective and safe drug for management of Type-II diabetes and can be used in clinical practice to reduce dependence on synthetic oral hypoglycemic agents.

Future Roadmap

Mr. Sanchit Sharma, Executive director of Aimil Pharmaceuticals which has the manufacturing and marketing rights of BGR-34 is positive about the drug’s further success and said that we are committed for the well-being of patients & BGR-34 is our effort to overcome the challenge of diabetes in our way to a healthier society. Drugs like BGR-34 opens new doorways in the field of medical science and reinstate the fact that research institutions and pharma companies who focus on the value creation for the patient always stay at the top of the ranking tally.

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