“Every leaf transfer bliss inside our body, fluttering from the autumn tree”

Ayurveda, the age old science of life, has always emphasized to maintain health and prevent diseases by following proper diet and lifestyle regimen rather than treatment and cure of the diseases. The basic principle followed in the Ayurvedic system of medicine is simply based onRitucharya (seasonal regimen). Also in Charaka Samhita, it is said

Tasya Shitadiya Ahaarbalam Varnascha VardhateTasyartusatmayam Vaditam Chestaharvyapasrayam( means the strength and complexion of the person knowing the suitable diet and regimen for every season and practicing accordingly enhance body immunity.

Especially Autumn season (Sharad Ritu) which occurs right between summer & chilling winter, when the cooler temperatures of fall start rolling in, lighting a fire in the fireplace & saying goodbye to summer is not hard to do and with this change in season, there are various adaptations in bio-life around us, such as flowering in spring and leaf-shedding in autumn, hibernation of many animals with the coming of winter, and so on. As human beings are also part of the same ecology, the body is greatly influenced by the external environment. Many of the exogenous and endogenous rhythms have specific phase relationships with each other; which means that they interact and synchronize with each other. This is the reason why body is unable to adapt itself to stressors due to changes in specific traits of seasons, leads to low immunity (Dosha Vaishamya), which in turn may render the body highly susceptible to one or other kinds of disorders.

A recent evaluation states that Lifestyle diseases are a result of an inappropriate relationship of people with their environment. The onset of these lifestyle diseases are insidious, and are difficult to cure, also according to the doctors, a sedentary lifestyle combined with an increase in the consumption of fatty food and alcohol is to blame cases of obesity-related with joint pain or muscle stiffness, hypertension, liver disorders, and so on. Especially in our country, the situation is quite alarming due to the rapid changing disease profile as the World Health Organization (WHO) has identified India as one of the nations that are going to have most of the lifestyle disorders in the near future.

Certain lifestyle regimen should be taken during autumn includes:                                                                                                                                                          

General condition

  • The period between mid-September to mid-November is Sharat Ritu (autumn). During this, the predominant Rasa is Lavana (salty) and predominant Mahabhutas are Apa and Agni. The strength of the person remains medium, pacification of vitiated Vata Dosha and vitiation of Pitta Dosha occur, and activity of Agni increases during this season, therefore, to restore liver functional parameters during this time of the year is highly considered. 

Diet regimen

  • Foods are having Madhura (sweet) and Tikta (bitter) taste, and of Laghu (light to digest) and cold properties are advised. Foods having the properties to pacify vitiated Pitta are advised. Wheat, green gram, sugar candy, honey, Patola (Trichosanthes diocia), the flesh of animals of dry land (Jangala Mamsa) are to be included in the diet.
  • Hot, bitter, sweet, and astringent foods are to be avoided. The food items, such as fat, oils, the meat of aquatic animals, curds, etc. are also to be not included in the diet during this season as they may worsen the conditions of joint pain, inflamed area, and swelling.


  • The habit of eating food, only when there is a feeling of hunger is recommended. One should take water purified by the rays of the sun in the day time and rays of the moon at night time for drinking, bathing. It is advised to wear flower garlands and to apply a paste of Chandana (Santalum album) on the body. It is said that moon rays in the first 3 hours of the night are conductive for health. Medical procedures, such as Virechana (purging), Rakta-Mokshana (bloodletting), etc, should be done during this season.
  • Day-sleep, excessive eating, excessive exposure to sunlight, etc are to be avoided.

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