This 10th October on the occasion of world mental health day, we are looking at an issue which is silently inflicting a great damage to our most productive generation and this article discusses the solutions of how can we bail us out.

Dr. Junaid a consultant based at delhi is observing a sudden shift in his pool of patients in his practice since last few years as in a given day he encounters 15 to 20 patients of 20 to 28 years of age complaining about one or the other mental health disorder which was a rare phenomenon some time back. And more importantly to his concern these patients keep on rising every day.

Stress: disorder of the new millennia

Dr Junaid observation doesn't come as a surprise as according to the survey of Cigna TTK Health Insurance reveals that 95% of Indian millennial between the age group of 18 to 34 years of age are stressed as compared to the Global average of 86%. "Earlier these disorders were rare and affecting mainly the aged population but nowadays majorly stress has spread its tentacles to the younger population also" Dr. Junaid said. Understanding the gravity of the situation the theme of this year’s world mental health day is “Young people & mental health in a changing world” this theme is aimed to address the issue of poor mental health in youth. The most common cause of stress is low work satisfaction, increment in burden of expectations and a dog bite dog competition. With highest population of youth in the world and owing to these factors, India is surely feeling the burn of poor mental health.

Treatment gap

Due to a meagre number of psychiatrist available and inhibition in the minds of the patients to discuss the issue, many a times the patients’ scream go unheard and therefore they remain unadvised and untreated which in turn aggravates the issue and lastly submitting them in the hands of the devil called depression and very few are aware that in mental illness such as stress initial measures like proper counselling, meditation and our age old science – Ayurveda can go a long way in bringing the lost soul back to home.

First Aid

According to Ayurveda Initial period of stress can be coped very well with proper counselling, meditation and medication that soothes mind and increases the adaptation capacity of the mind. One such anti stress formulation Memtone which is manufactured and marketed by Aimil Pharmaceutical (India) Limited is available which helps to reduce day to day work related stress in adults. Memtone, a therapeutically concentrated formulation which has 14 ingredients such as Ashwagandha which regulate the stress induced disturbances in neurotransmitters, Jatamansi which significantly reverses despair behaviour, anxiety and also relieves sleeplessness due to stress. Memtone is also fortified with Mandookparni which exhibit anxiolytic effect and shankpushpi to inhibit the damage to the neurons inflicted by free radicals thereby preventing neurotoxicity in cerebral cortex. With all herbs in the therapeutic combination Memtone serves as an ideal nervine tonic to relieve anxiety and stress associated issues.

Day of opportunity

These first aid interventions and spreading awareness amongst masses can open new doors in the management of stress in the lives of the sufferers and this 10th day of october on the occasion of world mental health day we as a professional fraternity can pledge towards better prevention and management of stress related issues so that we can turn the silent screams of our youth in loud cheers.

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