The post monsoon season in India brings a plethora of skin infections and the tropical climate add on to the woes of the patients. Out of many skin infections, the most common stands out to be Acne vulgaris, affecting more than 200 – 300 million people in the country. Acne vulgaris, is not just another infection, it also impacts the psychology of the patients, as it is pointed out in a study published in Indian Journal of Dermatology which indicates a significant impact of acne on emotions, daily activities, social activities, study/work, and interpersonal relationships. These psychological factors along with symptoms like erythematous papulopustular lesions in active stage and after effects like scars and hyperpigmentation certainly pose a challenge to the physician.

It has been observed in many studies that most of the patients show the exacerbation of acnes due to the recurrent nature of the disease as persistent acnes are more common than late onset acne. This exacerbation can be attributed to many factors such as food items, cosmetics, sun exposure and sweating. Experts believe that the reason for recurrence also lies in the initial treatment which is given to the patient as most of the existing treatment only focuses on symptomatically treating the acne and not acting on the root cause of the disease. 

To overcome this challenge, researches have put immense emphasis on dual therapy rather than mono therapy for chronic relapsing acne. This finding falls in line with the concept of Ayurveda, which aims to treat the acne with a combination of systemic therapy along with topical treatment.

Nature has given us a novel constituent Garcinia, relieves acne-pimple fast due to high content of flavonoid xanthones which inhibits P. acne growth tremendously resulting in a rapid decrease in bacterial colonization on the skin and helps in removing of dead skin when applied on skin. On the other hand, it relieves from the scorching heat, amazingly refreshes and rejuvenates skin by rehydrating skin when taken orally.

A popular traditional Chinese medicine chopchini or China root majorly used to manage allergic reactions & skin inflammation which inhibits the histamines, PGs by suppressing the excessive conversion of androgen to DHT

Acacia catechu or Khadir is the greatest herb for benefiting skin diseases. In Ayurveda, it is known as “Kandughana” means “relieves in Itching” provides a soothing & calming effect to inflamed skin. It also nourishes skin by improving microvascular circulations preventing skin scarring.  

Combining these powerful ingredients under one formulation is a Hercules task to do with. Above mentioned ingredients with other detoxifying ayurvedic herbs remove impurities from the body and help to encourage the natural beauty of the skin.

However, certain Ayurvedic pharma giants have tried & accomplished the unique formula for skin one of them is Purodil marketed by Aimil Pharmaceuticals which contains chipochini, garcinia, khadir, neem, daruhaldi, yashtimadhu, chirayata, gilo, etc. specifically fights acne both systemically and locally to stop recurrence and after effects. It’s high time we adopt a regime that not only relives the patients of the symptoms of acne but can also put hold on the exacerbation and recurrence as well.

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