Ayurveda with its huge active compounds repository can lend a hand to find new potential leads. Currently, global population is accepting Ayurvedic medicines, as the plant based treatments can rescue the patients from adverse effects of synthetic medicines. The Ayurvedic science is believed to add a step on the curative aspect of critical illnesses.

Diabetes mellitus is a common medical problem associated with hyperlipidaemia and comorbidities such as obesity & hypertension. There is in fact a growing literature body on plants used for treatment of diabetes. Plant materials have attracted considerable interest of scientists.

Berberis aristata the official species of Ayurvedic Pharmacopeia of India has a niche over reported pharmacological and clinical uses. According to Ayurvedic Pharmacopeia of India Berberis aristata used in many illnesses among which diabetes is one. Berberine the major active principle that causes selective ionotropic effect, involving- in the form of the modulatory effect on actin myosin, cooperatively – a novel mechanism of action.

Thus, Berberine has strong potential to regulate glucose homeostasis through decreased gluconeogenesis and oxidative stress, and it also increased the glucokinase and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activities and decreased glucose-6-phosphate activity, which play a critical role in glucose homeostasis.

Berberis aristata key ingredient of BGR-34 is there to take care of blood sugar levels. BGR-34 an optimized concentration of synergistically acting herbal extracts making it highly efficacious in Type-2 Diabetes mellitus. It is a promising, safe, non-toxic drug regimen to help effectively maintain normal blood glucose levels and reduce the chances of long term complications. BGR-34, scientifically proven the most desirable formulation that has been validated experimentally to manage life style disorder, Diabetes Mellitus.

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