Uncountable health benefits, associated nutritional facts & pharmacological legion are just few mentions to name the herb “PANACEA”.
Advancing diseases themselves communicate about the importance of proper functioning of immune system. Starting with mild allergies to complexities of osteoarthritis or cancer, all attaches to a common string of disturbed immune system. Further, taking a deep look into the followed treatment therapy to modulate the immune system, will strengthen the fact more that –
‘A better immunity is crucial requirement to ward off the diseases’.

Tinospora cordifolia (Giloy) has been used for its therapeutic benefits since time immemorial. Various classical texts of Ayurvedic system of medicine acknowledge the herb for it relevant significance as anti-diabetic, anti-pyretic, anti-pruritic, aphrodisiac, cardio tonic, bitter tonic etc. which could possibly be the reason of the herb being subjected to extensive pharmacological and clinical investigation that revealed further findings about use of the herb in areas of immunomodulation, anticancer activity and liver disorders.

The presence of abundant alkaloids, diterpenes & other active biochemical substances like steroids, flavonoids, lignans, carbohydrates possibly accounts for its non-stanching benefits to human health.
Macrophages are the first line of defence and constitute important participants in the bi-directional interaction between innate and specific immunity. The presence of pharmacological studies validating the benefit of GILOY extract as a potent immunomodulator suggests its use for the same. Glycoside and alkaloid content of giloy have been reported to boost the activity of macrophages.
Also, reported to influence the cytokine production, mutagenicity, stimulation and activation of immune effector cells.

Tinospora cordifolia could also be beneficial for aiding in the treatment of fever as febrifuge & berberine constituents inhibits the inflammatory signals such as pyrogenic cytokines and suggestively have inhibitory effect on peripheral and central mechanism of fever.

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