An unknown number of people are suffering with incurable, disabling & intensely painful diseases and easy availability of opiates leaves behind Opioid Induced Constipation (OIC) which can feed a person’s pain in a longer term. Such medicines slow down all important biological functions of the body, leading to disturbed bowel movements.

The Australian pain society reports, “One of the most common adverse effect of opioid therapy is reduced bowel movement & constipation and for up to 95% patients it occurs soon after taking the first dose.

Are pain medicine worth the risk if they may cause rectal tearing, abdominal bloating, faecal impaction, bowel obstruction”?

However, in unavoidable conditions of taking such medicines one can add along fibres or medicines that improve intestinal motility. Since, most of the pro-motility drugs have opioid content, choosing a natural therapy is wiser.

Colon health is very important and talking about natural way to manage intestinal motility no therapy could be more appropriate than PULVOLAX that comes in two dosage forms viz. tablets-acting systemically & ointment-acting locally, providing the best comprehensive management of intestinal motility and related aftermaths.

For people having trouble with bowel movements, Triphala an ingredient of PULVOLAX may be the best remedy. Triphala regulates the bowels safely. Triphala works very well as colon cleanser, and is rasayan for the colon. Triphala regulates the functions of colon. Proper regulation is key to good health & longetivity.Triphala a mild acting internal cleanser, considered to be a purgative formula by itself. Triphala may very well be a panacea for many conditions which people face day to day along with their routine medicines.

Terminalia chebula (Haritaki) & Cassia fistula (Amaltas) comprised in PULVOLAX GRANULES due to its purifying and strengthening properties, is held very high regard having ability to treat even difficult cases of constipation via increasing peristalsis of the colon, reduces water reabsorption from colon making the stool soft &easing the bowel movements safely.

Benefits of the medicine are not limited to this, PULVOLAX GRANULES also controls pain and itching that could be a consequence of rectal tearing or inflammation due to prolonged constipation episodes.

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