Our food is our fuel but certain conditions demand to keep a close check on the its intake. One such condition is Chronic Kidney Disease. Here we will see the role of nutrition in this disease & a patient friendly diet chart complying to all the principles of diet consideration in case of Chronic Kidney Disease

Food is the fuel we put in our bodies. A balanced diet helps our body function effectively & efficiently but scenario shifts in case of a CKD patient where nutritional & metabolic disorder may promote initiation & progression of CKD or in other words define the very course of the disease.

Why it’s important: Changes in intake (and losses) of essential and non-essential nutrients and disturbances of metabolic and hormonal pathways promote catabolism and alter the requirements of nutrients in CKD, resulting in poor nutritional status characterized by protein-energy wasting (PEW), inflammation and other disorders
Poor nutritional status and specific nutrient abnormalities (deficiencies or abnormal abundance of, e.g., electrolytes and water) together with other highly prevalent conditions in CKD, such as inflammation, CKD-mineral bone disorders, and the uremic milieu contribute to sarcopenia, frailty, immune dysfunction, premature vascular ageing, cardiovascular disease, and other mortality-predictive conditions.
Scope of Improvement: Most of the times patients have a fair idea of the restrictions in terms of scientific & micro level, for example, a patient in early stage of the disease knows that he has to limit sodium in his diet but due to lack of awareness he equates the sodium intake only with that of common salt & puts away the important variables such as foods rich in sodium out of the equation. These scenario arise due to poor understanding of patient regarding the prescribed diet & this puts him in state of confusion when he confronts the food on his table.
In a step closer to patient compliance, we have come up with a diet chart fully focussed on the needs of a CKD patient which clearly state the ‘YES foods’ & ‘NO foods’. The diet chart can also be used as a handout given to the patient while on the therapy of NEERI KFT, the only nephro-protective & nepro-corrective formulation for the patients of CKD.

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