In the backdrop of World hepatitis day, the article discusses the solution needed to narrow the gap between Government’s recent plan to fight viral hepatitis and our approach.

This 28th day of July on the occasion of World Hepatitis Day the Government of India launched the historic program to fight viral hepatitis, the program branded as National Viral hepatitis Control Programme primarily aimed at the prevention, testing and management of viral hepatitis. This program targets to eradicate hepatitis from India by 2030 which today stands with a grounding burden of 5 million infected hepatitis patients and 1 Lakh deaths every year.

The three aim theory

The management point highlighted in the program is a vital part which can make a huge impact in changing the status quo of the disease in our country. Most of the treatment part revolves around achieving of three goals
1. Sustained immunological control over the virus.
2. Suppression of viral replication.
3. Normalisation of LFT levels.

The regimen used for these management tasks are often accompanied with adverse effects such as Flu like syndrome, myalgia, fatigue, thyroid dysfunction etc. which pose a hurdle in the management of viral hepatitis.

Tried & tested regimen
Since a very long time due to the safety and superior efficacy it is an established fact that liver diseases are better managed with herbal treatment, one such intervention backed by a clinical trial conducted at B.H.U. is Aimil’s Amlycure D.S. which is a poly herbal formulation containing 48 herbs in desired concentration to better manage viral hepatitis and other liver diseases

Amlycure D.S. enriched with Bhuiamla, Kutki, Mulethi, Haritaki and Revand chini Reduces viral DNA transcription and replication and inhibits the reaction between HbsAg and antibody (anti - HbsAg).
For sustained immunological control over hepatitis B virus Amlycure D.S. is fortified with giloe, kalmegh and kasmard which stimulate the non-specific immunity, increases the interferon production and inhibits the suppression of humoral immunity.

The third objective to reduce the elevated LFT is achieved by exerting membrane stabilising effect, anti-oxidant action, counter action of CYP450 inhibition, and maintenance of glutathione levels and also increasing the viability of hepatocyte.

The clinical trial at Institute of Medical Sciences, B.H.U also yielded similar results with respect to progressive improvement in biochemical values and symptoms in acute viral hepatitis and showed no adverse effects in patients.

Achieving the target

The Government’s recent effort is commendable but this historic step is incomplete without the support of the healthcare community and a less informed fraternity is equivalent to an army unknown of the usage of its weapons. So, we should join hands and understand the gravity of the situation as each day of ignorance will give ten days of extra life to our enemy – Viral hepatitis.

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