Vitiligo is a skin condition characterized by the formation of white patches on the skin that develops as a result of the destruction of melanocytes within the skin. Vitiligo is affecting 1-4% of the world population. Melanocytes are cells that produce melanin, it’s a pigment that determines the colour of skin and hair. In Allopathy vitiligo is considered incurable, but it can be cured with Ayurvedic treatment which includes medicines, dietary advice, and lifestyle changes.

Festivals are part of our customs, culture, and tradition. Festivals add joy, freshness, happiness to our lives and give us physical and mental relaxation. Vitiligo sufferers can also enjoy this festive season and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Although for vitiligo patients, there are plenty of temptation during festive season, but it is essential that sufferers stick to their healthy diet and stay hale and healthy during this time. Patient can follow some simple do’s and don’ts to enjoy festivals without any harm.

* Diet during festivals - Sufferers can have roti, sabji, dal, rice and ice creams at parties or get together but junk food, pre-made bakery products, fermented foods, processed foods and cold drinks can severely harm their overall health condition. Plenty of water should be consumed throughout the day and freshly cooked foods should be the choice so that they absorb as many nutrients as possible.

* Deserts - All types of sweets can be taken, but a small portion will be appreciable. However, sweets like besan ka ladoo, panjiri, besan ki burfi, khoya burfi will be highly advisable.

* Direct sunlight exposure – During festivals people visit family and friends to exchange gifts and celebrate festivals together. It is best to avoid direct sunlight whenever possible to prevent any scaling or rashes on the affected part of the body. Limiting the amount of time one is under the sun, applying sunscreen on the exposed part of the body before going out of the house can keep the vitiligo skin in healthy condition.

* Clothing – Fabrics that do not absorb moisture is a big no-no for people with this medical condition. Avoid synthetic clothes at all costs. Wear something made out of cotton and avoid wearing anything too tight around the waist. Damp clothes can also irritate areas of skin affected by such depigmentation. One should also wear sunglasses with UV protection to prevent irritation around the face.

* Skincare – One can use fewer cosmetics during this festive season but keeping skin moist/moisture is important, use natural oils like olive oil and sesame oil to keep skin healthy. Vitiligo sufferers can easily lose its moisture, using naturally derived emollients can help it retain its vitality. The sufferer should always avoid irritants such as soaps, perfumes. Mild non-acidic body wash, glycerine based soaps etc are acceptable. One should apply moisturizer right after taking a bath.

* Cosmetics –It is advisable to avoid hair dyes and perfumes. Lipsticks, foundation and another cosmetic of renowned brands can be used occasionally.

* Accessories – Things made out of rubber, like a watch strap, slippers, gloves, etc. can accelerate precipitation. It can create irritation in sensitive skin, causing further skin damage.

 Although Vitiligo is difficult to cure, this disease poses no life-threatening risks and is not contagious either. Proper diet, some extra care, and careful lifestyle can help a patient to easily avoid any physical discomfort.

    “Let the colours of festivals season, fills all the patches of once life”

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