Fault of infertility not only lies in abnormal semen parameters, metabolic disorder like diabetes is another demerit to be blamed.

Whilst an individual has normal semen parameters there are some conditions particularly diabetes that either has not been controlled or present from many years that leads to disturbances in male reproductive system. If we take in account- ‘Sharlip et al,2002’, it was mentioned that the presence of ‘Diabetes Mellitus’ in reproductive males is major contributor to 50% cases of sperm disruption. Glucose metabolism is an important event in spermatogenesis. Moreover, it is also important for maintaining basic cell activity such as sperm motility, fertilization ability, neuronal health etc. which may lead to conclusion that sexual dysfunction or male infertility in all its forms is an accompanying phenomenon of uncontrolled diabetes.

Reduced blood circulation & nerve damage is the major causative of infertility due to diabetes induced neuropathy which is to be addressed along with the diabetes management.

Free from the adversities of synthetic hormonal therapies and aphrodisiac, natural treatment options hold more promising and patient friendly results. Among various used herbal remedies one commonly used efficacious herb is Mucuna pruriens, known for strengthening nervous system. It is helpful in maintaining proper testosterone level in the body, enhances libido & erection. Also, helpful in reducing the sensitivity on the penis enabling improved muscle endurance.

A pioneer product from the product range of AIMIL PHARMACEUTICALS is SEMENTO that contains Mucuna pruriens along with 34 scientifically validated herbs contributing to tone the male reproductive system thus it not only strengthens the system also alleviates the problems like oligospermia, disturbed DFI, erectile dysfunction etc. safely.

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