A natural way to bypass opioid analgesics & NSAIDS to help you walk with ease, free of joint pain & healthy GIT.

If one feels pain and stiffness in joints or have swelling around them or trouble in moving around. Then it might be an indication towards – ‘Arthirtis’.

The world is witnessing an emergence in arthritis patients, suffering with disease as well as the inadequacy in available treatment. Not all patients achieve sufficient clinical response resulting in a need to switch to a new therapy regime to control disease. Furthermore, this therapeutic cycling that undoubtedly helping patients to live active & productive lives, sometimes contributes to progression of disease & irreversible structural joint damage, rendering yet painful condition.

CAM (Complimentary Adjuvant Therapy) hold promising hope for disease management

Subsequently, special diets, vitamins & other complimentary therapies are reported to help people in reducing disease progression & symptoms without causing possible untoward effects like GIT irritation.

In 2015, A significant clinical study published in ‘Indian Journal of Medical Research’, proving the efficacy of herb ‘Ashwagandha’, was conducted at premier medical institute AIIMS Delhi that validates the claims of ayurvedic texts about the herb Ashwagandha that its usage provides relief in tender, swollen joints and increased mobility in arthritis patients.

An exclusive proprietary product Muscalt Forte not only contains Ashwagandha but also contains herbs with alike properties viz. Haridra, Nirgundi and Salai Guggal that are scientifically validated for their anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, chondrio-protective & immuno-modulatory properties. Which makes the product a potential ayurvedic drug that will help not only in achieving primary goal of arthritis treatment i.e. controlling inflammation & pain like DMARDS, also it helps prevent the flare up of disease & its progression in long term treatment.

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