Do you all want to know why facial oils are a must in your skincare regime?

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Facial oils are essential for all skin types, as they do not just add moisture but are lightweight and penetrate deeper into the skin, thereby resolving various skin woes

Skin wellness has become a new luxury with time. From at-home face sheet masks, the 2022 trend has now shifted to facial oils. No wonder we all get bombarded with some great facial oils daily on our social media feeds that just left us nothing but to try them on. But many people with various skin types and concerns might fear using these facial oils as a part of their skincare regime. The stress is more especially in people with oily skin who worry that using facial oils on their already oily skin might turn their skin concerns like acne and blackheads more prone, but this is not true. This fact is amongst many other existing facial myths. So, if you’re searching for the perfect facial oil for your skin, always aim for the ones formulated with natural herbal ingredients & are science-backed.

As our skin tends to lose water in all seasons, an excellent herbal facial oil coupled with natural moisture retaining properties helps us balance the right amount of water and healthy oil content on our skin. These facial oils are essential for all skin types, as they not just add moisture but are lightweight and penetrate deeper into the skin, thereby resolving various skin woes. A true facial staple, facial oils help elevate our skin care regimen. Here are a few benefits that facial oil adds to our skin:

Wave goodbye to wrinkles and fine lines

All of us should embrace the wrinkles or freckles that aging brings. It is because your skin generates less oil as you get older, which might cause it to seem dull or dry. But we should not forget to take the proper care of our skin as a good skin care regimen helps us defy visible signs of aging and keeps our skin healthy. You can best heal your skin from the inside is to use facial oil with ingredients like Manjistha, Sesame oil, Yastimadhu, Chandan, and Matulunga, which encourage collagen formation and improves the skin’s firmness and suppleness, hence lessening the visibility of fine and deep wrinkles.

Welcome hydrated and nourished skin

It’s important to shower your skin with hydrating ingredients to make it look healthy and glowing, and these facial oils do the right job of locking the skin’s moisture. All the hydrating components get sealed when you layer your facial oil over a moisturizer. However, a good facial oil will do more than hydrate the skin—it will also nourish & strengthen the skin from within. Those with acne-prone, oily skin can also use facial oils that are rich in natural ingredients like Saffron, Lotus, Haldi, and Dalchini. They not just ensure the proper moisture balance on the skin but also works on acne & skin greasiness without blocking pores.

24*7 bodyguard to protect your skin

Facial oil made with rich botanicals is packed with various nutrients like healthy fatty acids, antioxidants, minerals & essential Vitamins that help build a more robust protective shield outer layer of your skin and hence protect the moisture loss in all skin types. It also smoothens the skin’s texture and appearance by keeping it nourished and reducing the dryness of the skin.

Say no to irritated skin

Do you struggle with seasonal rashes that bump on your skin whenever you leave for a party? Well, worry no more. Those facial oils made with ingredients like Saffron, Chandan, Ushir, etc., can rob these rashes away from your skin and leave it calm and subtle. In addition, by locking in moisture & calming the skin, facial oils also aid in soothing inflammation, dryness, flaky skin, and other inflammatory issues. As a result, the skin feels calm for a more extended amount of time and experiences fewer rashes due to the preserved moisture.

Ending with a beauty note!

Facial oils leave your skin glowing, healthy, soft, and subtle in no time! With all these proven benefits, it’s time to stop fearing and include facial oils as an integral part of your skincare regimen.

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