Numerous get togethers, Christmas dinners and New year parties making even the sensible eaters and mildest drinkers to overdo their respective thresholds.

During the holiday season none of us gauge our fullness level. Moreover the tempting fragrances and fuming dishes leave our satiety to be never contented which add up to another glass of wine or a slice of pizza to the meal leading to seasonal indigestion and gastric discomfort. Since, on going celebrations can’t be avoided but consequently arising problems of indigestion, bloating, nausea and abdominal spasm can be managed well.


If you are suffering from any of the above mentioned tummy troubles, then the self-sufficient remedy to depend upon is ZYMNET PLUS for fast relief from gastric discomfort.

The action of ZYMNET PLUS is fast like allopathic treatment but no untoward effects are advantageously unlikely. This unique formulation relieves bloating, indigestion by enhancing the secretion of digestive juices (Amylase, lipase & Phytase) by boosting the digestive system unlike other enzyme preparations in the market which supplements cultured enzymes that acts superficially to provide temporary relief. The benefits of this poly herbal formulation are not limited to this; it also helps in reliving flatulence by action of its aromatic stimulants that are imparted into syrup by using cold maceration technique, relieve abdominal pain & nausea by virtue of being a combination of 35 scientifically validated herbs that are not only mentioned in Ayurveda texts but also many of them are approved by the regulatory authorities viz. WHO, EUROPEAN UNION HERBAL MONOGRAPH, BRITISH HERBAL COMPENDIUM, U.S. PHARMACOPIEL CONVENTION & IPC but also are being used in various parts of the country since 14th, 15th centuries and some since 4th century in fact which speaks of the safety and efficacy of Zymnet Plus.

The syrup formulation being available in mint and lemon flavour is also breaking myths for many who believes Ayurvedic formulations are not palatable.

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