Sarivan / Salaparni

Botanical Name :- Desmodium gangeticum DC. Family :- Fabaceae,

Synonyms :- Aeschynomene gangetica (L.) Poir., Desmodium cavaleriei H.Lev., Desmodium lanceolatum Walp., Desmodium maculatum (L.) DC., Hedysarum gangeticum L., Hedysarum maculatum L. Meibomia gangetica (L.) Kuntze.

Regional Name :- English : Ticktrefoil, Hindi : Sarivan, Salaparni, Sansk : Sthira, Vidarigandha, Amsumati, Punj : Shalpurni, Guj : Salwan, Beng : Salparni, Kan : Murelchonne, Mal : Moovila, Mar : Salparni, Salwan, Ori : Saloporni, Tam : Moovilai, Tel : Kolakuponna. Nakkotokaponna, Kolaponna.

Part Used :- Whole Plant

Description :- Sarivan is an erect under shrub, 0.6 -1.2 m high. It is found in tropical Africa, Indian subcontinent, China, Japan, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Australia. Whereas in India it is grown in the forest and waste lands from plain and western Ghats, up to 1500 m in north up to Sikkim. Tap root, poorly developed, but lateral roots 15-30 cm long, and 0.1-0.8 cm thick, uniformly cylindrical with a number of branches; surface smooth bearing a number of transverse, light brown lenticels, bacterial nodules frequently present; light yellow; fracture fibrous; odour not characteristic; taste, sweetish and mucilaginous.

Phytoconstituents :- Main Chemical Constituents of Sarivan are Alkaloids, Hypaphorine, Hordenine, N-dimethyltryltryptamine, Caudicine, Gangetin-3H, Gangetinin and Desmodin are phytochemical compounds present in this herbs which offers various health benefits.

Ayurvedic Properties :- Rasa : Madhura, Tikta, Guna : Guru, Vipaka : Madhura, Virya : Usna, Karma : Balya, Tridosahara, Vrsya, Visahara, Angamardaprasamana, Vatadosajit, Rasayani, Bharamhara, Santapanasini,  Sukhaprasavakara, Sarvadosahara.

Ayurvedic Applications :- Jvara, Meha, Arsa, Chardi, Sopha, Svasa, Kasahara, Krmi, Rajayaksma, Netra Roga, Hrdaya Roga, Rakta Gata Vata, Vata Ardhvabhedaka, Mudha Garbha.

Medicinal Uses :- The roots are used traditionally for treating inflammatory conditions, chronic, fever, cough, diarrhoea, dysentery, biliousness, vomiting, piles, bronchitis, asthma, intestinal parasites, arthritis, rheumatism and post-delivery disorders


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