Botanical Name

Citrus limon (L.) Burm. f.




Citrus limon (L.) Osbeck, Citrus bergamia Risso & Poit., Citrus bergamota Raf., Citrus  limonum Risso, Citrus  vulgaris Ferrariusex Mill., Limon vulgaris Ferrarius ex Miller.

Regional Name

English : The lemon of India, Lemon, Hindi : Nimbu, Bara Nimbu, Pakari Nimbu, Sanskrit : Jambira, Maha Nimbu, Urdu : Limu, Neebu, Bengali : Patinebu, Kagghinebu, Baranebu, Gujrati : Limbu, Kannada : Nimbe, Lime hannu, Nimbehannu, Malayalam :Cherunakaram, Vadukappulinarakam, Marathi : Nimbu, Punjabi : Nimbu, Tamil : Elumichai, Elumichangai, Elumicchai, Cherunaranka, Telugu : PeddaNimma, Jambira, Nimmu, Bijapuram.


It is a straggling bush or small evergreen tree, 3 to 4 m high with thorny branches, cultivated in many parts of the country in orchards. Fruit a berry, hesperidium, yellow when ripe, ovoid or globose, 5 to 10 cm long; external surface even or rugged showing openings of oil glands; usually with 9 mammillate extremity and thin rind; transversely cut surface shows thin rind and aninwardly grown endocarp forming 10 to 12 segments, each containing 2 or 3 seeds with pulp formed by succulent hairs; juice acidic.

Part Used

Fruit & Fruit Rind.


They are rich in vitamin C, bioflavonoids, acids and volatile oils. It contains limonene, pinene, citral, citronellal, terpineol, camphene, phellandrene, coumarins, bergapten, mucilages, calcium oxalate, pectin, sugar, citric acid, malic acid and flavonoids. It is also contains polysaccharides, organic acids, lipids, minerals, potassium, bitter limonoids, and volatile components.

Ayurvedic Properties

Rasa : Amla, Guna : Laghu, Virya : Usna, Vipaka : Amla, Karma : Dipana, Kaphahara, Pittakara, Vatahara, Pacana.

Ayurvedic Applications

Agnimandya, Aruci, Chardi, Krmi, Trsa, Vibandha, Vatika Sula, Udara Roga, Visucika.

Medicinal Uses

It is used for healing wounds, colds, coughs, eases flu, tonsillitis, headache, herpes, skin conditions, skin cleanses and purifies the blood, fights acne, and gives the skin a healthy glow. It is useful in indigestion, improve digestion, dyspepsia, vomiting and thirst, stopping haemorrhage and regulate blood pressure.

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