Botanical Name

Ferula assa-foetida L.


Umbelliferae / Apiaceae.


Ferula foetida St.-Lag.; Narthex assafoetida (L.) Falc.; Ferula hooshee Lindl. ex Descourt.

Regional Name

English :Asfoetida, Hindi :Hing, Hingda, Sanskrit :Ramaha, Sahasravedhi, Urdu :Hitleet, HingAssamese :Hin, Bengali :Hing, Gujrati :Hing, Vagharni, Kannada :Hing, Ingu, Kashmiri :Eng, Malayalam :Kayam, Marathi :Hing, Hira, Hing, Oriya :Hengu, Hingu, Punjabi :Hing, Tamil :Perungayam, Telugu :Inguva.


Ferula asafoetida is an herbaceous, monoecious, perennial plant of the UMBELLIFERAE family. Asafoetida is native to central Asia, eastern Iran to Afghanistan, and today it is grown chiefly in Iran and Afghanistan, from where it is exported to the rest of the world. It is not native to India but has been used in Indian medicine and cookery for ages. The resin collected after making incisions at the upper part of taproot of more than five-year-old plants by scrapping in March, April, just before flowering, whole process repeated many times, after one or two days or after a few weeks when it gets hardened. Rounded, flattened or masses of agglutinated tears, greyish-white to dull yellow, mostly 12-25 mm in diameter, freshly exposed surface, yellowish and translucent or milky white, opaque, slowly becoming pink, red, finally reddish brown, odour, strong, characteristic and persistent, taste, bitter and acrid.

Part Used



Essential oil, gum and resin.

Ayurvedic Properties

Rasa :Katu, Guna :Tiksna, Virya :Usna, Vipaka :Katu, Karma :Anulomana, Dipana, Hrdya, Krmighna, Pacana, Rucya,Vatakaphaprasamana.

Ayurvedic Applications

Sularoga, Adhmana, Gulma, Hrdroga, Krmiroga, Udararoga,Anaha,

Medicinal Uses

Hingu is useful in bloating, Abdominal tumor, abdominal colic pain, digestive system, worm infestation, constipation, gaseous distension of abdomen and good for heart, cardiac tonic. It is a very good natural blood thinning agentand good for eyes, improves vision power. It is also useful in high blood pressure.


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