As antibiotic-resistant bacteria, known as “superbugs,” are becoming more numerous and more virulent owing to rampant overuse of antibiotics, researchers are exploring herbal medicines as an alternative to these increasingly ineffective drugs.

In this direction, researchers from Bhopal-based AIIMS have found that Fifatrol, a herbal drug can be a good substitute to allopathic antibiotics to treat bacterial and fungal infections, and that too without causing any side effects.

 “Fifatrol, an ayurvedic drug, enriched with immune-enhancing herbs has been found to be effective in curing major bacterial infections such as dreaded staphylococcus species of bacteria,” said Dr Samran Singh, Director of AIIMS Bhopal.

Staphylococcus species causes fever, cold and cough, skin diseases, etc and if not treated in time and for those having weak immune system, can be fatal.

But the Fifatrol drug has not only been found to enhance immunity but also found suitable in controlling spread of infectious diseases caused due to echolalia, pneumonia, klebsiella aerogenes, etc.

Talking about the research, Dr Singh said that normally, the ayurvedic medicines have been seen as supplements to increase immunity, but Fifatrol has shown very promising results against bacteria too . “We are doing detailed research to arrive at the final result.” These are compelling evidence that medicinal herbs can be a first line of defense against infectious diseases.

Singh, who heads the team of researchers, further explained, “Staphylococcus bacteria is responsible for skin, respiratory and stomach infections. In people who have weak immune system, its infection can also be fatal.”

Manufactured by Delhi-based AIMIL Pharmaceutical, Fifatrol drug, is an anti-microbial solution prepared from 13 key herbs like sudarshan vati, sanjeevani vati, godanti bhasma, tribhuvan kirti ras and mrityunjay ras, tulsi, kutki, chirayata, motha, giloy, daruhaldi, karanja and appamarg.

Ayurveda expert Ramnivas Parashar said, “Medicinal plants have been widely used in the management of infectious diseases and by now, many of the ancient remedies have proven their value through scientific methodologies.

“This research again proves that there is an alternative to antibiotics in ayurveda which is completely based on herbs. Therefore, the government should explore in this direction too.”

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