A long standing question for management of diabetic nephropathy and its prevention is finally getting answers as up to 40% of type II diabetics will eventually suffer from kidney failure.

National Kidney Foundation recommends a patient of Type II Diabetes mellitus should go under blood, urine (proteinuria) test and blood pressure check up once a year as up to 40% of type II diabetic patients will eventually suffer from Kidney Failure.

The primary sign include Albumin/Protein in urine, High BP, ankle and leg swelling, leg cramp,more urination in night, less need of insulin and anti-diabetic drug, weakness, itching - they may indicate for an intervention after the KFT. Once such intervention is Neeri KFT , which helps protect from diabetes induced nephron damage by exerting potent aldose reductse inhibitory activity and check diqabetes induced oxidative damage due to presence of Solanum nigrum and Boerhavia diffusa.

Boerhavia diffusa(Punernava) -nephroprotective and nephrocorrective action is well documented and now also scientifically validated as Dr R.H.Singh and Padamshree Professor Dr. K. N. Udupa in their book Advances in Ayurvedic medicine : Diseases of the kidney and urinary tract writes that this ancient and traditional system has conceived the existence of an urinary system with description of the anatomy and possible physiology of kidney (vrikka). Ayurvedic texts vividly describe a wide range of disease entities and pathological states such as Mutraghata, Mutrakricchara, Ashmari, Prameha and many other covering almost all clinical entities known in today's medicine.

They further writes about study on Punernava (Boerhaavia diffusa Linn.) due to its use in the treatment of diseases of urinary system and the possibility of the presence of regenerative property of Punernava as its name suggests and due to the excellent regenerative capacity possessed by the kidneys. Punernava has diuretic, anti-inflammatory and possible antibacterial and cardiotonic effect. By virtue of such properties this drug initiates early recovery of the kidneys from different diseases and facilitates regenerative repair.

This was confirmed later by a study published in The Indo American Journal of Pharmaceutical research which gauged the efficacy of Punernava in a herbal formulation named NEERI KFT which showed good results in experimental subjects as it significantly prevented the altered serum and urinary biochemical parameters and histological renal tubular damaged by lead acetate. A clinical study was also conducted to study the efficacy of Neeri KFT and the report showed the promising results.

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