Vāsāvaleha is a semisolid avaleha preparation made with the ingredients in the
Formulation composition given below. Vāsaka (Vāsā API) svarasa Adhatoda vasica , Sitā API Sugar candy , Sarpi (Goghrta API) Clarified butter from cow’s milk , Pippalī API Piper longum , Madhu API Honey .

Dark brown coloured, semi solid, malleable, sticky preparation with odour of ghee; taste
bitter and pungent.

Therapeutic uses: Kāsa (cough); Śvāsa (Dyspnoea); Jvara (Fever); Raktapitta
(bleeding disorders); Rājayaksmā (Tuberculosis); Pārśvaśūla (intercostal neuralgia and pleurodynia); Hrtśūla (Angina pectoris).
Dose: 12 g daily in divided doses.

Anupāna: Milk, Water.


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