Shankha Vati

Sankha Vati is a pill preparation made with the ingredients in the Formulation composition given below; Cinca API ksara, Patuvraja (Panca each in equal quantity) {Saindhava Lavana(API), Samufra Lavana(API), Sauvarcala Lavana(API), Vida Lavana, Andbhida Lavana}, Sankha (Sankha bhasam(API), Hingu API-Suddha, Vyosa { Sunthi API, March API, Pippali API}, Rasa (Parada API)-Suddha, Amrta (Vatsanabha AP)-Suddha, Vati (Gandhaka API)-Suddha, Nimbu API-Svarasa


Light grey pills with a characteristic asafoetida odour and salty taste.

Therapeutical uses

Agnimaddya (Digestive impairment); Grahani (malabsorption syndrome); Arocaka (tastelessness); Paktisula (duodenal ulcers); Ksaya(phthisis).


500mg to 1g per day in divided


Honey/Warm water/Butter milk


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