Loh Bhasam


A very fine powder obtained after incineration of Loha curna (Iron in powder from) as per the method indicated in the formulary containing; Loha curna(Lauha), Taila-taila, Takra, Kanjika, Gomutra, Kulattha-kasaya, Loha curna-suddha, Vara(triphla)Kasaya, Gomutra, Loha curna (Lauha), Triphala-kvatha, Lauha-bhanu pakva, Vara (Triphla), Loha (Lauha) suddha, Triphala, Water for decoction, and Ayoraja (Lauha)Bhasma


A fine powder, dark brown in colour, odourless taste; slightly astringent.

Therapeutic uses:

Atisara; Sula;Amlapitta; Udara roga; Kamala; Pandu; Krmi; Medodosa; Prameha; Pliha roga; Sotha;Svasa and Kustha


Honey, Ghee, Trikatu curna, Triphal curna, and Haridra rasa.


120 to 250mg.


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