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11. Is Neeri effective in Burning Micturition?
Yes, Neeri is effective in cases of Burning Micturition (Burning sensation while passing urine).
12. Is it necessary to take any alkalizer with Neeri to provide relief in burning micturition?
No, it is not necessary to take any alkalinizers with Neeri,as it is alone sufficient to relieve burning micturition
13. Has Neeri been found to be effective in Benign Prostatic Enlargement?
Yes, Neeri has been found to be effective in Benign Prostatic Enlargement and provides symptomatic relief.
14. Does Neeri reduce the size of prostate in Benign Prostatic Enlargement?
Neeri provides symptomatic relief in Benign Prostatic Enlargement but does not reduce the size of prostate significantly.
15. Does Neeri help in restoring the vital kidney functions?
Yes, Neeri is helpful in restoring the vital kidney functions like blood urea, serum creatinine etc.
16. What is the dosage schedule of Neeri?

Syrup    :  2 teaspoonfuls thrice a day for adults.
                 1 teaspoonful thrice a day for children
Tablets : 2 tablets thrice a day for 2-3 months or till the stone is passed out.
                 1 tablet thrice a day for children

17. Do all patients of urinary disorders respond well to Neeri?

Yes, almost all patients of urinary disorders like calculi, infections, burning micturition respond well to treatment with Neeri. Still, the results may vary in severe conditions.

18. Has the formulation Neeri undergone clinical trials?

Yes, Neeri has been clinically tried for its useful effects in urinary disorders, which exert lithotriptic, anti-infective, alkalizer and anti-inflammatory actions to provide long term and short term result.

19. Is Neeri safe in pregnant patients?

Ingredients of Neeri have not been contraindicated during pregnancy; still, caution must be practiced and should be taken under the supervision of a professional.

20. How does Neeri compare with other supplements in the market?

Neeri is a natural and comprehensive preparation for systemic treatment of urinary disorders. It helps to prevent the recurrence of urinary tract calculi and infections, which pose a major problem to the practitioner treating these cases. Also, Neeri has combination of herbs, which on the one hand act to relieve the binding mucin of calculi and on the other hand exert anti-infective action to eradicate the causative organism of UTI’s.