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Aimil Launches Herbal Medicine to cure Vitiligo

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Published in Navbharat Times.
9th November 2008


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World market for Ayurvedic / herbal products is expanding at a very fast pace . The present demand for medicinal plant products is about US $14 billion a year where India contributes only around US$ 1.2 billion a year, which is just 8% of the total. With world demand growing at 1% annually, the export market for medicinal plants appear to be growing faster than the Indian domestic market. As far as India is concerned it is a gold mine of herbal medicine, but we like china have not been able to capitalize on this natural wealth. We need to explore the vast potential of golden marketing the medicinal plant sector for earning the valuable foreign exchange. We are very well aware that good prospects exist for export of herbal medicines from India and we are working in this direction to tap this potential.

AIMIL's involvement in the export market was significant initially until 1996-97 when it decided to have direct marketing abroad by setting up a base in the respective countries for proper co-ordination and control. This thinking was realized with first step in Nepal where Aimil has its own distributors and the whole marketing network. This step was further followed by establishing franchise for technical collaboration and marketing of finished goods in the international markets, from the base in India .

With clear vision and a defined path to explore, Aimil Pharmaceuticals has stretched its arms to expand globally in the international market. Aimil Pharmaceuticals has made the concept of Ayurveda "Science of life" easily approachable to the layman worldwide.
We have strategic alliances, own market offices, supplies to International Government in the international market.

The world Class Products has registered their strong presence in various markets including the native country India , Mauritius and Nepal .

The unfading zeal to grow always remains in every unit of Aimil Pharmaceutical. The qualified professionals maintain and expand the prescriptions of top brands from Doctor's community.


Erbnatural Pharma Inc, Canada U.S.A
AIMIL is having technical collaboration with Erbnatural Pharma Inc. in Canada providing technical know how for its standardized herbal products on aspects of efficacy, safety, palatability and other quality parameters.

The raw material is being provided to the Canadian unit, which is further processing it in WHO GMP certified plant to obtain the finished product that fulfils the standards laid down by Canadian, American, Australian and European markets.

Ministry of Health, Mauritius
AIMIL is extending its native quality aspects of Ayurveda through its classical and proprietary products for the masses of Mauritius , who have a strong origin from the Indian habitat, under the schemes of Ministry of Health Mauritius.

Ministry of Health, Nepal
AIMIL's marketing wing also extends to the neighbouring country, Nepal where its safe and effective herbal products have been registered by the ministry of Nepal. Aimil has its own regional office, field officials and stockiest who work in tandem to reach to the medical practitioners in the nook and corner of Nepal , with the mission to serve the ailing masses.

Ministry of Kazakhstan
AIMIL Pharmaceuticals is working on the ongoing new project in KHAZAKISTAN. We will soon be having its own regional office, field officials and stockiest to reach to the medical practitioners there, with a mission to expand its arm to shine in global market.

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